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Abilities are tools that are available to be used by agents in addition to the weapons that they carry. Each ability in VALORANT is unique, though some share similarities. All agents have three types of abilities; basic, signature, and ultimate.


All agents have a unique set of abilities designed to give them more tactical opportunities and assist their gunplay. Most abilities have a cost to obtain and use (through credits or ult points), though some are given for free. Many abilities have to be equipped to be used, causing the agent to go through an equip animation for a short amount of time before they can cast the ability, though some can be cast instantly.

Players can be prevented from using abilities if the are suppressed.

Abilities that deal damage can hurt both enemies and allies, with a couple of exceptions that completely prevent friendly fire. Abilities that can damage allies deal 1/3 damage.


There are four types of abilities in VALORANT:


Passive abilities are abilities or effects that some agents have in addition to their standard basic, signature, and ultimate abilities.

There is currently only one independent passive in the game; Jett's Drift.png Drift. Other passives require agents to use other abilities:

Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest is a passive for Reyna. If an enemy agent that she has dealt damage to within the last 3 seconds dies, they will drop a Soul Orb at their location that remains there for 3 seconds. If she has sight of the Orb, Reyna can use Devour or Dismiss to consume it.


Fuel is a passive for Viper which gives her 100 Fuel. Activating Poison Cloud or Toxic Screen requires Viper to consume Fuel at a rate of 1 every 0.15 seconds (6.667/sec). Viper can have both abilities active and still consume fuel at the same rate. If her fuel levels run out, the abilities automatically deactivate and Viper must wait for her fuel levels to replenish, which will happen at a rate of 1 every 0.2 seconds (5/sec).


Toxin is a passive for Viper. If an enemy agent comes into contact with her Vision Blocker abilities (Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, Viper's Pit), their health will begin to decay. They will instantly decay 30 HP upon contact, then continue to decay for 1 HP every 0.1 seconds (10 HP/sec), down to a minimum of 1 HP. If no longer in contact, the debuff will briefly remain for 1.5 seconds before their health begins to climb back up at a rate of 1 HP every 0.04 seconds (25 HP/sec), up to a maximum of how much HP they would have if they had not been affected, taking any damage and healing taken whilst they were decayed into account.


List of Basic abilities

Basic abilities are abilities that most agents have to purchase using credits to be able to use. Most agents have two basic abilities, though there are agents with one or three basic abilities.


List of Signature abilities

Signature abilities are abilities that agents are guaranteed to be able to use every round. Each agent has at least one signature ability that will give them one free charge for them to use.

Some agents may be able to increase the amount of charges they have of their signature ability by buying more with credits, but any regenerated charges from cooldowns will not be kept for the next round and they will restart with their one free charge. Charges that do not get used and did not get regenerated will be carried over to the next round, however a new charge will not be added. Signature abilities that don't offer the option to buy more charges have other ways to allow the player to use that ability more than once in a round, such as cooldowns or enemy kill targets.


List of Ultimate abilities

Ultimate abilities are the strongest in the game. To use an ultimate, players must acquire ult points. These are earned by killing enemies, dying, capturing ultimate orbs, and completing a spike plant or defuse.

Once a player has earned enough ult points, they can use them up to cast their ultimate. Upon doing so, all players will hear a global voice line alerting them to that specific agent using their ultimate. The voice line heard is different for allies and enemies.


Note: "Functions" are organized by the VALORANT Wiki and its editors as a way to classify and group abilities with similar functions. It is not an official VALORANT classification. These functions only identify the core, shared use of abilities within a group and may not take any additional effects into account.

Whilst each ability in VALORANT is unique, some share similar functions. These allow them to be sorted into the following classes and sub-classes:

  • Crowd Control: Crowd Control tools affect an enemy's capability to move
    • Detain: Detains severely reduce movement speed and force the enemy to unequip all their weapons and abilities
    • Displacement: Displacements physically move enemies out of position by force and against their will
    • Slow: Slows reduce an enemy's movement speed
    • Stun: Stuns reduce movement speed and fire rate, prevent use of scopes or ADS, and affect a player's vision
  • Deterrent: Deterrents are used to flush enemies out of certain positions by threatening to kill them if they attempt to stay in that location
    • Molotov: Molotovs deal damage over time in a small area-of-effect on the ground of the location they detonate in
  • Empowerment: These increase an agent's power by buffing them in some way
    • Weapon Equip: Grants the agent a new weapon for them to use
  • Flash: Flashes blind enemies, making them unable to see for a short amount of time.
  • Intel: Intel tools give information on the whereabouts of enemies
    • Autonomous deployable: Autonomous deployables operate on their own without any further input from the player
    • Controlled deployable: Controlled deployables must be controlled by the player to operate
  • Mobility: Mobility tools abilities give agents a way to traverse the map beyond just running and walking
    • Dash: Dashes allow the user to move in a certain direction at greatly increased speed
    • Intangibility: These allow the user to be immune to damage. They can also grant invisibility in some circumstances, hiding them from enemy sight
    • Teleport: Teleports allow the user to blink to a location without having to walk or run between their start and end position
  • Nearsight: Nearsights afflict enemies with a short vision radius
  • Sustain: Sustain tools allow agents to replenish their health after taking damage
    • Heal: Heals restore health to the target
    • Revive: Revives allow an agent to continue fighting even after taking lethal damage
  • Suppressant: Suppressants prevent enemies from using abilities
  • Vision Blocker: Vision blockers block line of sight, allowing allies to carry out actions behind or inside the blocking object without giving visual info to the enemy
    • Smoke: Smokes are spherical vision blockers
    • Wall: Walls are linear/rectangular vision blockers

Some abilities may be completely unique and therefore do not fit into any of these functions. Such abilities are classed as Niche.