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Aftershock is an ability in VALORANT.


Equip a fusion charge. Fire the charge to set a slow-acting burst through the wall. The burst does heavy damage to anyone caught in its area.
— In-game description

Aftershock is a Basic Ability for Breach. Breach aims through a section of terrain to fire a charge that winds up over time and takes aim at an area behind the wall. Upon completing its wind up, the charge explodes 3 times, dealing damage to anyone it hits.

Time to Equip 1.15 seconds
Detonation Time 2.3 seconds
Damage 60 per blast, 180 max
Friendly Fire Damage 20 per blast, 60 max

Update History

  • Now explodes 3 times with each blast dealing 60 damage with no fall off
    • Blasts are .6 seconds apart
  • Explosion radius increased 260 >>> 300
  • Unequip time after firing decreased 1.1 >>> .9 seconds
  • Cost increased 100 >>> 200


  • Fixed Aftershock not properly applying damage to all characters if multiple are hit by it