Barrier Orb is an ability in Valorant.


Barrier Orb is a Basic Ability for Sage.

Equip a barrier orb. Fire places a solid wall. Alternate fire rotates the targeter.
— In-game description

Update History

v1.01 Patch
  • Barrier Orb cast range reduced from 20m to 10m
    • As a Sentinel, Sage is supposed to be most effective when defending territory that she already controls. The 20m cast range was allowing Sage to aggressively take control of neutral territory in a way that was inappropriate for her role in Valorant. This range reduction aims to keep her strong while defending territory but reduce her efficacy at taking ground.

v1.0 Patch

  • Barrier Orb segment health reduced 1000>>>800
  • Barrier Orb duration reduced 40>>>30 seconds
  • Friendly Barrier Orb walls now show on the minimap
    • Previous changes to Sage's Barrier orb helped give it more counterplay options in pistol/early rounds but it's still having too much impact in any given round. Our hope is that the wall stays a powerful stalling tool, but asks you to think more about when in the round you want to use it.

v0.49 Patch

  • Barrier Orb will only spawn a chunk of the barrier if it is supported by the ground, this means it will sometimes only spawn 2 barrier chunks
  • Barrier Orb can no longer be placed on "small" pieces of geometry, it must be placed on the ground or on top of boxes
    • We love supporting boost gameplay, especially when multiple characters combine their abilities (looking at you Jett and Omen). However, we felt with the current placement requirements, characters were able to boost to too many unintended spots. With this change, players can still boost into some unexpected positions, but they hopefully won't be 30 feet in the sky and floating in the middle of the site to look through a tiny pinhole in the map.

v0.47+ Patch

  • Melee attacks now inflict double the damage per hit to destructibles, including Sage Barrier Orb.
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