Battle Pass is a form of progression in Valorant.


A Battle Pass allows players to progress through tiers and earn certain player cards, player titles, weapon charms, sprays and weapon skins. During the interview, DrLupo Q&A w/ Devs - 4/3/2020, Riot developers stated that a Battle Pass will be coming to Valorant after launch. On April 4th, 2020 the Valorant package files got datamined and a Battle Pass was mentioned [1]. Battle Passes will be released in Episodes (Seasons) [2]. On June 2nd, 2020 the Battle Pass was introduced on the release day of Valorant.

Radianite points earned through the Battle Pass can be used to evolve certain weapon skins and other content types in the game. Radianite points can be obtained through the Battle Pass in every act or purchased directly on through the store.

  • If you are spending time playing VALORANT, you should earn XP and progress towards unlocking cosmetic items for your collection.
  • People that don’t opt-in to the Premium Battle Pass should still be able to earn the rewards that commemorate their participation during the Battle Pass' duration. The feeling of "I was there" is something we want everyone to be proud of.
  • If you purchase the Premium version of the Battle Pass, you will simply get more rewards. There is no pay to win.
  • Quality of rewards takes priority over quantity.

Battle Passes

Episode Act Start Introducing
Episode 01: IGNITION Act 1 2020-06-02 Ascent, Reyna
Act 2 2020-08-04 Killjoy
Act 3 2020-10-13 Icebox, Skye
Episode 02: FORMATION Act 1 2021-01-12 Yoru
Act 2 2021-03-02 TBA
Act 3 2021-04-27 TBA


Each Episode includes three Acts, and for every Act, you get a new Battle Pass. About every two months, an Act ends along with its associated Battle Pass.

The Act I VALORANT Battle Pass for example has 50 tiers open for a limited time with a free and Premium path. By default, the Battle Pass is free and available to everyone who logs in during its duration. It will be active alongside your chosen Character contract, and they will progress simultaneously based on the XP you earn from missions and matches.

The Battle Pass is broken up into 10 Chapters, where each Chapter contains 5 Premium tiers and rewards a free Chapter completion reward when unlocked. A Chapter is completed when all 5 Premium tiers have been unlocked with XP. Once completed, you’ll earn the Free Chapter Completion Rewards and move on to the next Chapter.

You can progress through all 10 Chapters without going Premium, however, you won’t unlock the 5 items within the Premium tiers. You can always go Premium and retroactively unlock the rewards you earned while on the free path. [3]


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