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The Battle Pass is a cosmetic system in VALORANT that allows players to unlock a variety of cosmetics as they earn experience through missions and match XP.

Each act has its own pass, and every new act closes progress on the current pass and resetting all players back to the beginning of the new pass. All players can unlock cosmetics rewards from the act pass, but most of that pass' content can only be unlocked by paying Valorant Points 1,000 to get access to the Premium track.

Occasionally, additional passes are released within an act to celebrate an occasion, such as VALORANT's anniversaries.

Battle Passes

Episode Act BP Type Start
Episode 01: IGNITION Act 1 Act June 2nd 2020
Act 2 Act August 4th 2020
Act 3 Act October 13th 2020
Episode 02: FORMATION Act 1 Act January 12th 2021
Act 2 Act March 2nd 2021
Act 3 Act April 27th 2021
Episode 03: REFLECTION Act 1 Act June 22nd 2021
YR 1 Anniversary June 22nd 2021
Act 2 Act September 8th 2021


Battle Passes are split into tiers and chapters, much like Contracts. Players progress through a pass by earning XP from missions and playing matches in Game Modes eligible for earning XP.

Act Battle Pass

Every act, a new act Battle Pass is launched that lasts for the duration of the act (about two months). Once an act ends, this pass and its contents are no longer available by any means.

Each act pass has 55 tiers grouped into 11 chapters; chapters 1-10 and a final Epilogue chapter, with 5 tiers in every chapter. Players start with Tier 1 completed. The amount of XP required to complete Tier 2 is 2,000, and for every tier after that (except for Epilogue Tiers), the amount of XP required to complete that tier increases by 750:

Each Epilogue tier requires 36,500 XP. This means the total amount of XP required to complete the pass is 1,162,500 XP, and 980,000 XP is required to reach Chapter 10/Tier 50.

There are two tracks in the act pass; Free and Premium. The free track gives all players rewards with every chapter they complete, with the exception of the Epilogue chapter. The Premium track, which costs Valorant Points 1,000 to get access to, boosts Battle Pass XP gains from playing matchmade games (Mission XP excluded) by 3% and gives these players additional rewards for every tier they complete. Players earn progress for tiers regardless of whether they have bought access to the Premium track or not. This means players can buy access to the Premium track weeks after the act begins to retroactively unlock the rewards they earned while on the free track[1]. The 3% XP boost however is not applied retroactively and only takes effect for every game played after the player unlocked the Premium track. Premium track players can also automatically earn progress to reach a specific tier they haven't unlocked by paying Valorant Points 300 for every tier that needs to be completed to reach the player's target. This cannot be used for Epilogue tiers.

Act passes contain all five types of cosmetics and Radianite Points. The amount of each type of cosmetic in this pass can vary, but for the free track it is always the same:

Players with access to the Premium track will earn additional cosmetics and RP, with the exception of player titles (all Act Pass player titles are part of the free track). Premium track players who reach Tier 50 are given a knife skin as a reward, one of the most "valuable" types of weapon skins in the game. The Epilogue chapter that they have access to also has set rewards; golden variants of two rewards from this pass (cosmetics eligible for golden variants are cards, gunbuddies, and sprays), unlocked at tiers 1 and 5, and three lots of Radianite Points 10, unlocked at tiers 2, 3, and 4.

YR 1 Anniversary Pass

The YR 1 Anniversary Pass was a special type of pass to celebrate VALORANT's first anniversary. It used a free track only, with 7 tiers each requiring 3,000 XP to complete. Players who completed the pass were rewarded with:


During a Q&A with DrLupo during the beta, Riot developers stated that a Battle Pass would be coming to VALORANT after launch. On April 4th, 2020 the VALORANT package files got datamined and a Battle Pass was mentioned [2]. On June 2nd, 2020, the first Battle Pass was introduced on the release day of VALORANT with 50 tiers.

The Pass received updates with IGNITION: Act 3's launch, adding the Epilogue chapter and making sure one of the weapon skin themes had variants so that players who only bought Battle Passes could finally spend their RP on something[3][4].

Episode 3 contained the first additional battle pass other than the Act Pass. The YR 1 Anniversary Pass was added to celebrate VALORANT's first anniversary, with all its rewards on a free track. This pass was only available for the first patch of the episode, 3.0[5]