Azgoodaz Azgoodaz 4 April 2020

DrLupo Q&A w/ Devs - 4/3/2020

This interview was conducted after the Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Showcase (April 2020) at 9 PM Central.

Developers interviewed:

  • @RiotSuperCakes (Executive Producer)
  • @RiotZiegler (Game Director)



  • Will more people be given access to the game?

Availability will double on April 7th from what was given on April 3rd.

  • macOS?

macOS will not be available at launch.

  • What regions are available for Closed Beta?

North America and Europe, though they want to test it other regions. At launch, Valorant will be available worldwide.

  • Ability to replay matches?

This is a post-launch feature.

  • Public API for Stats?

Not available for Closed Beta.

  • Update frequency?

Hotfixes wi…

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