Breach is an Agent in VALORANT.


Breach fires powerful, targeted kinetic blasts to aggressively clear a path through enemy ground. The damage and disruption he inflicts ensures no fight is ever fair.

Breach's main gimmick is the ability to use all of his abilities through the geometry of the map,whether it is through walls, roofs, or terrain. This ability set rewards experienced players for knowing the maps well. His abilities also seem to reward an aggressive playstyle despite most of his abilities being crowd-control based.


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Chapter 1

Name Image Category Tier XP Required
K.O. Spray KO.png Spray Tier 1 20,000
Valorant Breach - Player Card Tier 2 30,000
Concussive Player Title image.png Player Title Tier 3 40,000
Guns Out Spray Guns Out.gif Spray Tier 4 50,000
Breach Breach icon.png Agent Tier 5 60,000

Chapter 2

Name Image Category Tier XP Required
Hammer Time Buddy Breach s Gunbuddy.png Gunbuddy Tier 6 75,000
Breach Spray Breach.png Spray Tier 7 100,000
Catastrophic Player Title image.png Player Title Tier 8 125,000
Big Payday - Player Card Tier 9 150,000
Ragnarocker Frenzy Breach's Frenzy.png Skin Tier 10 175,000


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Equip a fusion charge. Fire the charge to set a slow-acting burst through the wall. The burst does heavy damage to anyone caught in its area.

Uses: 1 Uses 1.png Cost:Creds 100


Equip a blinding charge. Fire the charge to set a fast-acting burst through the wall. The charge detonates to blind all players looking at it.

Uses: 2 Uses 2.png Cost:Creds 200 Duration: Duration 2 seconds


Fault Line.png

Equip a seismic blast. Hold Fire to increase the distance. Release to set off the quake, dazing all players in its zone and in a line up to the zone.

Uses: 1 Uses 1.png Cost:Free


Rolling Thunder.png

Equip a seismic charge. Fire to send a cascading quake through all terrain in a large cone. The quake dazes and knocks up anyone caught in it.

Uses: 1 Uses 1.png Cost:♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 7 points

Update History

v1.07 Patch
  • Flashpoint
    • Off-screen flashes now match behavior of other flashes in the game and apply a minimum amount of flash more aggressively
    • Charges increased from 2 >>> 3
    • Reduced windup time from 0.6 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds
      • Breach should be a choice pick in offensive entry and breaking utility. While the flash’s power was pretty good, too few charges were holding him back on being able to provide this value for his team. Considering he needs teammates to capitalize on his flashes, this should make up for that cost by simply having more of them.
  • Rolling Thunder
    • Detonation delay between blasts decreased from 0.3 >>> 0.255
  • Concussive <Breach E and Ult effect>
    • Concuss now de-scopes players and prevents re-scoping

v0.49 Patch

  • Updated Breach’s visuals



  • Previous designs of Breach had him with a orange or brown jacket, black arms, blonde hair, and a mask.
  • The earliest known concept of Breach was the scrapped agent, Crusader. The differences between these two is that Crusader was female, and Crusader's abilities featured a Sword, a Flash Grenade, and the scrapped ult, Riot Shield


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