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   Be careful near the ship, that portal does not work as intended. Such a bad investment...
Chamber (Match Start on Breeze)

Breeze is the sixth map to be released in VALORANT.

Map Features

Take in the sights of historic ruins or seaside caves on this tropical paradise. But bring some cover. You'll need them for the wide open spaces and long range engagements. Watch your flanks and this will be a Breeze.
— Official description

Breeze's 'unique' features are present on the A side of the map, mostly to do with A Hall. There are ropes to get players into A Hall. On the defending side players can use the rope at the back of A Site to get onto Bridge and into Hall, and on the attacking side players can use the rope in A Lobby to get into Hall.

A Site has an impenetrable, indestructible mechanical door leading into A Hall that can be opened and closed using switches on either side. The door is closed at the start of each round.

Towards the Attacker side of Hall is a one-way chute (also known as a 'vent') that can be used to go to Mid.


  • A Site
  • B Site
  • Arches
  • Back
  • Bottom
  • Bridge
  • Cannon
  • Cave
  • Chute
  • Elbow
  • Hall
  • Lobby
  • Main
  • Metal Doors
  • Nest
  • Pillar
  • Pyramids
  • Rope
  • Shop
  • Side Snake
  • Spawn
  • Stack
  • Switch
  • Top
  • Tunnel
  • Wall
  • Window
  • Wood Doors

Update History


v4.0 - Adjustment

  • Increased the width of the A Main choke to remove 50/50s
  • Added a stack of two crates in Cave
  • Adjusted cover on the back of A Site and extended the pool to the far wall
    • Plant site extended to match the new shape of the pool
  • Adjusted curved wall in mid to remove the extra pocket
  • Added cover to the pillar on B Plant Site, blocked off the back site with a new wall, and added a stack of crates to B Wall
  • Door on A can no longer be reactivated until it is finished opening or closing


  • Bugfix Nerf Cypher can no longer place Spycam.png Spycam on the mechanical door in order to destroy or see through the door when it's lowered.
    • Bugfix Buff Similarly, fixed random spots where Cypher could not place Spycam in the same area.


  • Bugfix Sage can no longer place Barrier Orb.png Barrier Orb between the pyramids on A Site to create a sliver peek


  • Adjustment Blocked vision of the gaps above Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors
  • Adjustment Smoothed player collision in various locations
  • Bugfix Nerf Exploit fixes


Added Added



  • Map coordinates at 26°11'AG" N 71°10'WY" W, off the coast of the Bahamas, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean.
    • Unlike most other maps, Breeze's coordinates were not initially included in the loading screen until November 2021.
    • Previously assigned coordinates before this update were based off of a player card called 25° N, 71° W.
  • Outside of the playable map overlooking A Site is the front half of a container ship that contains a Kingdom Corporation work area. This area contains various Kingdom-branded crates, computers, servers, and a triangular teleporter
    • On release, the teleporter was abandoned and inactive. It has since received four updates, likely going through the events that led to KAY/O arriving on Earth-1 from his alternate timeline:
      • 2.09: The sign below the teleporter on the wall of A Site activated, stating "Sequence Initiated"
      • Another 2.09 update happened two weeks later. The teleporter activated and the sign updated to state "Target Locked"
      • 2.11: The sign updated to state "Arrival Imminent", the teleporter's portal resembled a more operational state like those seen on Bind (instead of the portal being bright blue from the previous update), and a knife had been sent through, embedding itself in a radianite crate.
      • 3.0: The sign updated to state "Portal Breach", with an image of KAY/O. The knife was removed from the Radianite crate.
    • The fact that there was an operational teleporter may have unintentionally been revealed in the Breeze map trailer, in which it was shown to be active unlike how it appeared on the live map at the time
      • This trailer also shows that at some point, the pyramids on A site could also be activated
  • Another landmark in the background is "Wolf's Mansion", a property owned by someone named Thurston Wolf.
    • Wolf is an important figure for Breeze and why both the VALORANT Protocol and Omega VALORANT are interested in the island.[1]