Brimstone (codename Sarge) is an Agent in VALORANT.


Brimstone’s orbital arsenal ensures his squad always has the advantage. His ability to deliver utility precisely and safely make him the unmatched boots-on-the-ground commander [1].

Bimstone is a powerful commander that utilizes incendiary grenades, smokescreen airstrikes, and rapid-fire-inducing stim beacons to damage enemies and buff teammates. His impressive Orbital Strike ultimate summons an enormous laser that destroys anyone who doesn't move out of the radius fast enough [2].

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Stim Beacon.png

Equip a Stim Beacon. Fire to toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, the stim beacon will create a field that grants players RapidFire. RapidFire increases fire rate, reload speed, weapon swap speed, and recoil recovery by 15%.

Uses: 2 Uses 2.png Cost:Creds 100


Equip an Incendiary grenade launcher. Fire to launch a grenade that detonates as it comes to a rest on the floor, creating a lingering fire zone that damages players.

Uses: 1 Uses 1.png Cost:Creds 200 Duration: Duration 8.3 seconds

Note : As of patch 2.0, the description does not match on how the new Stim Beacon works. Click here to learn more about the new Stim Beacon


ESky Smoke
Sky Smoke.png

Equip a tactical map. Fire to set locations where Brimstone's smoke clouds will land. Alternate Fire to confirm, launching long-lasting smoke clouds that block vision in the selected area.

Uses: 3 Uses 3.png Cost:Creds 100 Duration: Duration 19.25 seconds


Orbital Strike.png

Equip a tactical map. Fire to launch a lingering orbital strike laser at the selected location, which deals heavy damage over-time to players in the area.

Uses: 1 Uses 1.png Cost:♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 7 points Duration: Duration 4 seconds

Update History

  • The Stim Beacon.png Stim Beacon is now quick cast (Deploy instantly upon equipping)
  • Sky Smoke.png Sky Smoke
    • Cast range increased
    • Sky Smoke's duration increased 14.25s >>> 19.25s
  • Incendiary.png Incendiary cost decrease from 300 >>> 200


  • Stim Beacon.png Stim Beacon fire rate bonus increased from 10% >>> 15%
    • Paired with Reyna’s change (above), we felt Brimstone’s stim could use a little more punch. This also unifies our two fire rate increase buffs, making them easier to learn.


  • Orbital Strike.png Orbital Strike
    • Orbital Strike ultimate cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points
      • Much like Raze’s Ultimate, Brimstone’s Ult is very impactful and useful in a wide variety of situations. We feel like it was impacting rounds a little too frequently, so decided to up the cost slightly.
  • Stim Beacon.png Stim Beacon
    • Stim Beacon no longer Buffs enemies and no longer shows its effect radius to enemie
      • The Stim beacon is meant to be a pretty situational ability but we felt that revealing Brimstone’s location and having the potential to accidentally buff enemies was making this ability significantly weaker than we’d like
  • Arms ;)
    • Brimstone's Arm Fidelity
      • When you really think about an FPS, you’ll notice you spend an awful amount of time looking at your all the time. Before launch, we intended to increase the fidelity of Brimstone's arms to match the overall quality of the game. We did it—now look at those guns!


  • We felt the credit cost of some abilities did not match the impact those abilities brought to a match, and made adjustments for a more accurate reflection.
    • Incendiary.png Brimstone’s Incendiary increased from 200 to 300 credits.



  • Brimstone's Ult can destroy Killjoy's Ult.
  • Brimstone is connected to the Kingdom company, evidence by the letter K in his armor straps and Molly launcher.
  • Brimstone is Killjoy's Guardian.


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