The PA-12 Bucky is a Shotgun that is a primary weapon in Valorant.


The Bucky is the cheapest primary weapon in the game at 900 credits, making it useful for half-buy rounds. It shoots 15 pellets per shot with high falloff. At 8 or fewer meters, 7 pellets are enough to kill, while 9 pellets are needed at 8-12. Any pellets that strike the head deal double damage. (Needs revision after patch 2.06)

Past 12 meters, the primary fire is near useless, but the alternate fire allows Bucky users to extend its range by firing a single shell containing pellets that explode at 7.5 meters, allowing its user to fight enemies at a medium distance.[1] If the pellet strikes a target before 7.5 meters however, it will only deal 1 pellet worth of damage.

Like other pump action shotguns, the Bucky can be reloaded after a single shot at no cost to the fire rate, effectively increasing its magazine size from 5 to 15.

Minimum kill time

Per Fire

Effective Health Minimum kill time
100 - 150 Health Instantaneous

Per Pellet

Effective Health Minimum kill time
100 - 125 Health 1.82 seconds
150 Health 2.73 seconds

Damage Traits

Average damage drop-off rate: 59% (Very high)

Head to leg damage ratio: 242% (Very low)

Cosmetic Items


Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster



Update History

v0.49 Patch
  • Update to Bucky’s alternate fire to instead apply instantaneous, hitscan damage.
    • Alt. fire was previously a projectile that was able to kill enemies shortly after the user was killed. No other weapon works this way so now it performs as a hitscan.


  • The Bucky's design seems to be based on the Benelli Supernova.
  • Despite the Operator's and the Odin's heavy physical appearance, the Bucky and Judge are the weapons slowest to run with.


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