The 3X-PDR Bulldog is a Rifle that is a primary weapon in Valorant.


The Bulldog is a fully-automatic rifle, and is the cheapest of the three fully automatic rifles in the game. Its magazine holds 24 bullets. It has a good fire rate, and a alternate fire of 3 round bursts. It is a 2 tap to the head and 5 to the body or legs. The Bulldog also has ADS, like other rifles.

The Bulldog is unique for having a relatively low cost compared to the other fully automatic rifles at 2100. This makes it a useful force buy for eco rounds if your team lacks money. However, it costs significantly more than SMGs.

It also has a 3 round burst, unlike other rifles, which can be good for close quarters. However, the spread significantly increases at medium to long ranges, so you'll want to use its primary fire otherwise.

The ADS is good for supporting an assault on a site or holding a site down, as it increases aim and reduces recoil and spread (Overall makes the weapon more accurate).

Minimum Kill Time

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time
100 Health Instantaneous
125 - 150 Health 0.11 seconds

Damage Traits

The Bulldog has no damage drop-off.

Head to leg damage ratio : 397%(High)

Cosmetic Items



  • The Bulldog's design seems to be based on the Tavor, specifically the IWI Tavor 7 or TAR-21.
  • The Bulldog was shown along with the Spectre in a League PsyOps trailer.
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