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The Closed Beta is a period when players could play the game in beta stage. While in the Beta stage, software is generally functional but many features are either missing or incomplete. The focus of testing in beta stage is reducing the impact of glitches and bugs to users when the game is released publicly, and often incorporates usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it.

Closed Beta period occurred from 5 a.m. PDT April 7, 2020–10:30 a.m. PDT May 28, 2020. Initial regions included Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and CIS countries. On May 1, 2020, additional regions included Korea, Latin America, and Brazil.

Closed Beta Access

Twitch streamers that participated in Valorant Bootcamp were given access as well as the ability to distribute access via Twitch drops. Drops occurred on April 3, 2020; then again on April 7, 2020 onward until the end of the Closed Beta.[1]

Distribution was random and determined by game accounts. Players needed to watch a minimum total of two hours of Valorant streams with drops enabled, after which they were eligible for access even when not watching. More watch time increased selection chances with diminishing returns.[2]

Twitch Streamers with drops
Name Concurrent Topic
ONSCREEN Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
TwitchRivals Tournament
Acue Variety
aSmoogl Variety
Annemunition Competitive FPS
Anomaly Competitive FPS
Azox360 Competitive FPS
Bnans Competitive FPS
Brax Counter-Strike
CDNThe3rd Battle Royale
Classify Battle Royale
Cloakzy Competitive FPS
Cyanide Variety
Dhalucard Variety
Dizzy Competitive FPS
DrLupo Variety
Electra Battle Royale
EthanBenard Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Fl0m Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Forsen Variety
GDolphn Battle Royale
GeT_RiGhT Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Gotaga Variety
Hammehow Variety
HighDistortion Fortnite
HigsScoreHeros Overwatch
HOUNGOUNGAGNE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Hiko Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Iridium Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
JordanFisher Overwatch
LIRIK Variety
LotharHS Variety
Lululuvely Battle Royale
m0xyy Overwatch
Mendokusaii Battle Royale
Mickalow Battle Royale
MissHarvey Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Miss_Rage Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
MoMan Variety
Myth Fortnite
Mysca Variety
Nadeshot Competitive FPS
NeoG5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
noizeeh Fortnite
n0thing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Orb Variety
PAGO3 Variety
Pengu Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
PMLeek Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Pokimane Variety
Stormen Battle Royale
Shahzam Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Skadoodle Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Summit1G Competitive FPS
Stylosa Overwatch
TimTheTatMan Variety
Trilluxe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
rivington Variety
RyanCentral Overwatch
Valkia Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
xQcOW Overwatch
yousif Battle Royale
Zander Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Closed Beta Rewards

Valorant Points purchased during the Closed Beta were refunded at release, along with an additional 20% of the points as a bonus for participation. Players also received exclusive cosmetic items.[3]

Name Image Category Tier
First Player Title First.png Player Title Tier 1, 20k XP
Valorant Beta Player Card Valorant Beta.png Player Card Tier 2
V1.0 Player Title V1.0.png Player Title Tier 3
Beta Pioneer Player Card Beta Pioneer.png Player Card Tier 4
Closed Beta Buddy CB Icon.png Gunbuddy 4

Removed Items

  • The Reaver Collection consisted of a Reaver Vandal, Reaver Operator, Reaver Sheriff, & Reaver Knife. The Reaver Vandal, Reaver Operator, & Reaver Sheriff all had unlockable/purchasable special effects, reload animations, and final kill effects. The Reaver Operator had an additional red & black variation rather than the usual purple & silver skin. The final effect consisted of a slow blast of purple energy being released from the death area. When the Reaver Operator's red & black variation is used, the purple energy appears as red & black also, matching the skin. At the end of the Closed Beta, these skins were removed, refunded with a 20% increase, and seemingly replaced by the Prime Collection,
  • The original Luxe Collection consisting of a Luxe Ghost, Luxe Vandal, Luxe Judge, Luxe Spectre, Luxe Operator, & Luxe Knife. All of these skins were originally red & silver, with some of the skins having unlockable/purchasable variations. These variations could be blue, black & brown camouflage with a shark decal, or bronze. At the end of the Closed Beta, these skins were replaced with an identical collection with the same name, but were Blue & Silver at default, and had no variants.



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