Cloudburst is an ability in Valorant.


Cloudburst is a Basic Ability for Jett that a player can use in-game by purchasing it via the Buy Phase for 100 credits.

Tailwind.png Travel Rate 30 meters/s
Duration.png Time to Reach Full Size 0.5 seconds
Nebula - Dissipate.png Cover Radius (Sphere) 5 meters wide
Leer.png Vision Range 4 meters
Duration.png Duration 4.5 seconds
CustomReload.png Stow Speed
(After Throwing)

The Cloudburst forcefully expands after a long duration of travelling.

Instantly throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision cloud on impact with a surface. Hold the ability key to curve the cloud in the direction of your crosshair.
— In-game description


  • Jett's cloudburst quick stow mechanic could be used to equip weapons faster in desperate conditions.


Update History

v1.0 Patch
  • Cloudburst smoke duration increased 4>>>7 seconds
    • We feel like Jett has a strong, irreplaceable value in terms of her ability to deny trades. But we think her team-oriented output is a little too low. This should give her and her team a little more time to work off of her smokes.
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