The buy menu as seen in-game.

Creds (also known as Credits) are the in-game currency of Valorant.


Creds are used to buy weapons, shields, and abilities during the Buy Phase before each round. They can also be used to buy weapons for teammates. If a teammate is low on Creds, teammates can right-click on a weapon to send a request to the team for someone to purchase the weapon for them.


Creds are rewarded at the start of every round,the amount is based on performance in the previous round and Creds saved from previous rounds of the current half.

  • Creds 800 at first round of each half.
  • Creds 3,000 for round win.
  • Creds 1,900 for round loss.
  • Creds 1,000 for being alive when the timer runs out on attack.
  • Additional Creds 500 for 2x loss streak or Creds 1,000 for loss streaks greater than 2x.
  • Creds 200 for each kill.
  • Creds 300 for the team planting the spike.
  • Compensation for Missing Players.
  • Creds 5,000 at overtime.

Creds reset after 12 rounds when switching from attack to defense and vice versa. A single player may not accumulate more than Creds 9,000.



Image Weapon Cost
Shorty.png Shorty Creds 200
Frenzy.png Frenzy Creds 500
Ghost.png Ghost Creds 500
Sheriff.png Sheriff Creds 800



Image Weapon Cost
Stinger.png Stinger Creds 1,100
Spectre.png Spectre Creds 1,600


Image Weapon Cost
Bucky.png Bucky Creds 900
Judge.png Judge Creds 1,600


Image Weapon Cost
Bulldog.png Bulldog Creds 2,100
Guardian.png Guardian Creds 2,400
Phantom.png Phantom Creds 2,900
Vandal.png Vandal Creds 2,900


Image Weapon Cost
Marshal.png Marshal Creds 1,000
Operator.png Operator Creds 5,000


Image Weapon Cost
Ares.png Ares Creds 1,600
Odin.png Odin Creds 3,200


Image Weapon Cost
Light Shields.png Light Shields Creds 400
Heavy Shields.png Heavy Shields Creds 1,000


Agent Ability Cost
Astra icon.png Astra Astral Form.png Astral Form Creds 200
Breach icon.png Breach Aftershock.png Aftershock Creds 100
Flashpoint.png Flashpoint Creds 200
Brimstone icon.png Brimstone Incendiary.png Incendiary Creds 200
Stim Beacon.png Stim Beacon Creds 100
Sky Smoke.png Sky Smoke Creds 100
Cypher icon.png Cypher Trapwire.png Trapwire Creds 200
Cyber Cage.png Cyber Cage Creds 100
Jett icon.png Jett Cloudburst.png Cloudburst Creds 100
Updraft.png Updraft Creds 100
Killjoy icon.png Killjoy Alarmbot.png Alarmbot Creds 200
Nanoswarm.png Nanoswarm Creds 200
Omen icon.png Omen Shrouded Step.png Shrouded Step Creds 100
Paranoia.png Paranoia Creds 400
Phoenix icon.png Phoenix Blaze.png Blaze Creds 200
Curveball.png Curveball Creds 200
Raze icon.png Raze Boom Bot.png Boom Bot Creds 200
Blast Pack.png Blast Pack Creds 200
Reyna icon.png Reyna Leer.png Leer Creds 200
Devour.png Devour Creds 200
Sage icon.png Sage Barrier Orb.png Barrier Orb Creds 300
Slow Orb.png Slow Orb Creds 100
Skye icon.png Skye Regrowth.png Regrowth Creds 200
Trailblazer.png Trailblazer Creds 200
Guiding Light.png Guiding Light Creds 100
Sova icon.png Sova Shock Bolt.png Shock Bolt Creds 100
Owl Drone.png Owl Drone Creds 300
Viper icon.png Viper Snake Bite.png Snake Bite Creds 100
Poison Cloud.png Poison Cloud Creds 200
Yoru icon.png Yoru Bait.png Fakeout Creds 100
Stun.png Blindside Creds 200

Update History

  • Total credit cap is is reduced from 12,000 to 9,000.
    • We’re noticing that players/teams who manage to bank a high amount of credits are maintaining a rich economic state for too long, and it becomes a monumental challenge for the opposing team to dethrone their economy.
  • We felt the credit cost of some abilities did not match the impact those abilities brought to a match, and made adjustments for a more accurate reflection.
    • Sage Barrier Orb increased from 300 to 400 credits.
    • Raze Blast Pack increased from 100 to 200 credits.
    • Phoenix Curveball increased from 100 to 200 credits.
    • Brimstone’s Incendiary increased from 200 to 300 credits.
    • Jett’s Updraft reduced from 200 to 100 credits.

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