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Dailies and weekly missions shown in main menu, located at top right when hovered to the missions icon.

Dailies and Missions allow players to earn more XP. They can be completed in most match-made game modes. Missions can be seen by hovering over to the top right of the screen in main menu, or top left during Agent Select or in settings menu when in-game.

For weekly and introduction missions only, if certain missions are completed, however due to a Remake, a match cancel due to cheaters detected, or a penalty is issued to prevent earning XP, the XP from the missions will be reserved for the next match completed. The reserved weekly missions need to be completed within the same week.



Every 24 hours, each checkpoint will give 1,000 XP and Kingdom Credits 150 upon completion of certain objectives. Each checkpoint requires 4 points and there are up to 4 checkpoints to complete daily.

Completing 1 checkpoint will show the completed checkpoint as Checkpoint complete icon (4 points).

If all 4 checkpoints are uncompleted, they will convert into a catch up bonus that applies a x2 multiplier toward one Checkpoint the following day. If the first Checkpoint was only partially complete, it will not prevent the x2 multiplier the following day. Up to 3 catch up bonus multipliers can be stacked.

No daily progress will be granted for Deathmatch regardless of match completion. Rounds or the match most of the time where the player did not participate will also prevent progress.

Game Mode Objective
Unrated, Competitive, Swiftplay and Premier Checkpoint quarter complete icon Per round won (1 point)
Spike Rush, Escalation and Team Deathmatch Checkpoint half complete icon Per match complete (2 points)

Weekly missions[]

Each week, players are assigned three weekly missions. They will remain available until completed and are the same for all players each week. They are organized in sets within an act. A set of weekly missions is reset at the start of a new act. Weekly missions pile up so that after finishing all of a week's missions, players can immediately unlock the missions for the following week if they are behind schedule.

The amount of XP weekly missions reward varies with every act and within an act itself. The first week's missions will give a set amount, and then missions from subsequent weeks will start to give a bit more.

No progress for weekly missions will be granted for Deathmatch and Escalation regardless of match completion. Rounds or the match most of the time where the player did not participate will also prevent progress.

Possible weekly missions
Required action Goal
Deal damage 18,000
Get headshots 50
Kill enemies 100
Play a game 10
Play rounds or stages 100
Purchase items from the armory 200
Use your abilities 200
Use your ultimate 15
You or your ally plant or defuse spikes 20

Basic Training Event[]

Main article: Basic Training Event

Basic Training Event is a progression system designed for new players.


The following set of missions have retired. They are saved here for archival purposes.

Daily missions[]

Prior to Episode 7, players received two daily missions everyday, lasting for 24 hours before being replaced with a new pair (though not necessarily with goals different to the previous day's missions). All daily missions granted 2,000 XP. Daily missions were assigned individually; two different players would get different missions. Deathmatch and Escalation would not grant any progress for daily missions.

Available daily missions
Required action Goal
Deal damage 1,000
Get headshots 5
Kill with enemy guns 1
Pick up ultimate orbs 1
Purchase abilities 25
Purchase items from the armory 30
Purchase shields 15
Purchase weapons 20
Use your ultimate 5
Use your abilities 20
You or your ally plant or defuse spikes 5
Get first blood in a round 1

Introduction missions[]

Prior to v8.10, new accounts were given these introduction missions instead of weekly missions. These missions awarded 5,000 XP each. Once completed, the player could then proceed with the weekly missions. No progress were granted to the weekly missions if these missions were not completed. These missions are now replaced with the Basic Training Event.

Introduction missions
Required action Goal
Use your abilities 30
Purchase shields 35