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Deathmatch is a FFA game mode in VALORANT.


Deathmatch is a multiplayer free-for-all game mode designed to allow players to hone their gunplay mechanics or warm up before playing Competitive. Each player loads into a random map with a random agent that they own. Players start in a brief warm-up phase before the real game starts. Players cannot buy or use abilities but are automatically given Heavy Shields. They can buy whatever weapons they want.

Once the game starts, players spawn randomly across the map. Killing enemies grants a full reload of the equipped weapon (Machine guns get 30 bullets back instead) and drops health kits on the victim's body that can be picked up to fully restores a player's health and shields. Upon being killed, players will respawn in a random location and receive a brief pulse on their minimap showing the location of all enemy players. They respawn with the weapons they previously owned, and are invulnerable for either a few seconds or until they move. Once either the kill limit or the time limit has been reached, the game will end.

Deathmatch grants 900 XP for completing the game, but cannot be used to complete missions. Deathmatch is the only game mode where players are given the option to leave during the game and can do so without penalty, though they will not receive any XP from the match.

Update History

  • Bugfix Fixed an issue where the spawn point scoring system wasn't updating correctly.
    • Players should now consistently spawn farther from where they died and experience fewer "revenge" kills.


  • Adjustment Removed and in some cases relocated “dangerous” spawn locations
  • Adjustment Improved spawn logic and spawn placement to increase the likelihood that you will be facing each other players in an encounter
  • Adjustment Spawning logic will now favor respawn locations farther away from where you are defeated
  • Adjustment Respawn Time Reduced: 3s >>> 1.5s
  • Adjustment Number of players reduced: 14 >>> 12
    • This change was made after patch release.[1]
  • Bugfix Fixed an issue where the Warm-Up Phase was not using spawn logic properly


  • Removed Penalties removed for leaving Deathmatch early
    • Full game participation is required to earn XP


  • Adjustment Increased player count 10 >>> 14
  • Adjustment Increased match length
    • Kill limit increased 30 >>> 40 kills
    • Time limit increased 6 >>> 9 minutes
  • Removed Removed periodic location pulse, and you’ll now only receive a pulse right when you respawn
  • Buff Updated spawning algorithm to encourage safer spawns
  • Buff On every kill, players get an automatic, immediate full reload of their active weapon
  • Buff XP gain increased 500 >>> 900 XP


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