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Humans allied with Radiants. What a strange world.

— KAY/O (Match Start with an ally Radiant)

Earth (also known as Earth-1) is a planet that is the primary location of VALORANT.


VALORANT takes place in a near-future Earth that still uses a Gregorian calendar[1]. There are no exact canon dates for how far in the future VALORANT is (any "confirmed" dates from cinematics are a result of details from development phases making it through to the final product[2]), though a timeline of this future can still be created using First Light as a reference point; BFL can refer to the years Before First Light, AFL can refer to the years After First Light, and 0 YFL refers to The Year of First Light, the year that First Light occurred in:


  • First Light occurs
  • The event causes people across the globe to start gaining supernatural abilities, becoming known as Radiants

0 YFL-10 AFL

10 AFL

  • The events of DUELISTS and DUALITY
    • Venice is attacked by Mirror Jett. She is able to detonate a spike, causing part of the city to become suspended in the air
    • The disaster triggers battles across the globe[3]
  • The next day, an attack on Kingdom Co.'s radianite refinery in Rabat by Mirror Phoenix is prevented by the VALORANT Protocol[4]

10+ AFL


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Notable locations

  • Bennett Island, Arctic Ocean- Location of a container port belonging to Kingdom Corporation
  • Rabat, Morocco- Location of a Kingdom Co. radianite refinery
  • San Marco, Venice, Italy- This city was affected by a spike detonation, causing part of the city to rise into the air
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA- Location of the Everett-Linde Research Lab, a facility where Kingdom Co. and the Mirror Earth's Kingdom Industries collaborated with each other
  • Thimphu, Bhutan- Location of a partially destroyed temple serving as a radianite crate storage facility for Kingdom Co.
  • Tokyo, Japan- Location of Kingdom Co.'s HQ
    • Shinjuku City contains some of Kingdom Co.'s offices
    • An unidentified landmark of importance in Chuo City
  • Unknown island in the Atlantic Ocean where a Kingdom Co. container ship became grounded

Alternate realities

Mirror Earth

Main article: Mirror Earth

The Mirror Earth

Not much is known about the Mirror Earth, though those that have learnt about its existence are either members of the VALORANT Protocol or Kingdom Corporation, the latter of which partnered with their mirror counterpart Kingdom Industries to create a research lab in Santa Fe, USA, Earth-1. To the rest of Earth's population, it appears that the existence of the Mirror Earth is being kept a secret.

Whilst several Mirror Earth inhabitants have made their way onto Earth-1 as Kingdom Ind. employees working at the American lab, the Mirror Earth VALORANT Protocol has been known to send agents to Earth 1 in attempts to steal their radianite for themselves. Their motivations for doing this are unclear, though its possible Earth-1's VALORANT members with the highest clearance levels may know why. The Mirror Earth is currently the only alternate reality Earth known to possess the technology to traverse between worlds[6].

Alternate Timeline

I'll destroy every Reyna for what she did to you-... correction, them.

— KAY/O (Match Start with an enemy Reyna)

News headlines about the Human-Radiant war

In an alternate timeline, centuries after the Rise of Venice, Humans and Radiants were at war with each other. These battles resulted in the ruination and annihilation of Earth, with Paris being mentioned as one such city to fall. The counterparts of Radiant Earth-1 VALORANT agents were instead weapons for the Radiant forces, including Astra, Reyna, Sage, and Skye. Reyna appears to have played a pivotal role in this war as the humans created and programmed the robot KAY/O to kill her, which he eventually did. Whether this brought about the end of the war or not is not known, but at this point humanity had suffered severe losses. Brimstone and Sova are known to have been part of the Human forces.

Sometime after having dealt with Reyna, KAY/O decided to travel from his Earth to Earth-1 using a specialized teleporter.