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The Elderflame Collection is a collection of cosmetics in VALORANT. Its contents were initially available to be obtained when the collection was first released as a bundle in the Store. After this, only its weapon skins can be obtained whenever they become available in a player's daily Featured Store Offers.


Weapon Skins[]

Image Weapon Cost Upgrade Levels Variants
Elderflame Frenzy Frenzy Valorant Points 2,475 Level 2: VFX
Level 3: Animation
Level 4: Finisher
Variant 1: Red
Variant 2: Blue
Variant 3: Dark
Elderflame Judge Judge Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Vandal Vandal Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Operator Operator Valorant Points 2,475
Elderflame Dagger Melee:
Elderflame Dagger
Valorant Points 4,950 Level 2: VFX
  • For each weapon, Radianite Points 10 per upgrade level, and after a weapon is fully upgraded, Radianite Points 15 per variant.
    • Variants must be used with the fully upgraded weapon skin set.
  • For variant models of each weapon, see this section.


Image Item Cost Category
Elderflame Buddy Elderflame Buddy Valorant Points 475 Buddies
Elderflame Card Large Elderflame Card Valorant Points 375 Player Cards
Elderflame Spray Elderflame Spray Valorant Points 325 Sprays
For other appearances of the player card, see this section.


A downloadable folder containing all the audio files on this page can be found here.

Kill Banner[]

Kill Banner
Elderflame Kill Banner
Kill Audio
Individual 1st kill 2nd kill 3rd kill 4th kill 5th+ kill
Kill banner and audio are only available when the gun skin is upgraded to Level 4 or using other variants.

Upgrade Effects[]

Level Upgrade Effects Preview
  • New model VFX
    • Gun barrel scales set aflame
  • New muzzle flash + gunfire VFX and SFX
3 Animation
  • New model VFX
    • Dragon comes to life
  • New equip animation and SFX
  • New reload animation and SFX
4 Finisher
  • New Kill Banner and Kill SFX
  • Final kill of the round plays a finisher animation
    • Victim is burned by a dragon breathing fire from above
Level Upgrade Effects Preview
  • New model VFX
    • Blade set aflame
  • New equip VFX and SFX
  • New slash VFX and SFX


Weapon Skin variants
Weapon Variants
Red Blue Dark
Frenzy Elderflame Frenzy Red Elderflame Frenzy Blue Elderflame Frenzy Dark
Judge Elderflame Judge Red Elderflame Judge Blue Elderflame Judge Dark
Vandal Elderflame Vandal Red Elderflame Vandal Blue Elderflame Vandal Dark
Operator Elderflame Operator Red Elderflame Operator Blue Elderflame Operator Dark
Player Cards
Elderflame Card
Elderflame Card Large Elderflame Card Wide Elderflame Card Small
Card Banner Icon


  • At Valorant Points 2,475 each, Elderflame Frenzy and Judge require the most amount of VALORANT Points to purchase for a Frenzy and Judge skin respectively.