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Episodes are the biggest competitive time frames in Valorant. They contain 3 Acts, meaning that one episode is about 6 months long.

Despite being the biggest part of the Valorant calendar, episodes don’t bring much more unique content than an Act would; large additions like Agents, Game Modes, and Maps are all released in Acts. A new episode does however have an effect on Competitive. Players will receive a gunbuddy based on their highest Act Rank they achieved during the previous episode, and their ranks will receive a soft reset[1]. Players must play 5 placement games at the start of a new episode before they are given a rank for it.

A new episode is also accompanied by a cinematic that takes place within the lore of Valorant. However, due to the secrecy behind all the lore, episodes themselves do little to expand on the world of Valorant and an episode really doesn’t have any narrative save for its name.