The AMP-11 Frenzy is a Sidearm in Valorant.


The Frenzy is a fully automatic, low-cost pistol. It does relatively high damage, typically requiring 7-8 shots to the body and 3 to the head to kill. It's most effective at close range with sustained fire, but can experience limited usefulness at long ranges in short bursts.

It is a great choice for players who wish to save Credits due to its low price tag, but its high damage at close range keeps it viable even against more expensive weapons.

Due to its quick rate of fire and small magazine size, a player wielding the Frenzy will have to reload often and should be aware of that fact.

Minimum Kill Time

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time
100-150 Health 0.1 seconds

Damage Traits

Average damage drop-off rate : 20% (Low)

Head to leg damage ratio : 355% (Medium)

Cosmetic Items

Frenzy's Skins


  • The Frenzy's design seems to be based on a shorter version of the Kriss Vector.
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