Game Modes are playable modes that the player can play in Valorant.

List of Different Modes

Standard Plant/Defuse

Plant/Defuse is a Gamemode where you play as an Attacker or a Defender, The Attacker objective is to plant the spike while the Defender objective is to prevent the Attacker to plant the spike. In this mode you will have the ability to open the shop, the shop is where you spend the creds that you get from killing the enemies, the credits will give you the ability to purchase Weapons, Shields and Abilities.


  • Ranked Gamemode is where you play competitively against other player to get your placement in the Valorant Ranks.
    • This mode Last for 30-40 minutes


  • Normal Gamemode is where you play Valorant for casually, or to test your skill without worrying about your Valorant rank placement.
    • This mode Last for 30-40 minutes

Spike Rush

Spike Rush is a Gamemode where you play Plant/Defuse Gamemodes casually with other players. In a round where you will get random weapons and random orbs that will buff you/your teammate or debuff your enemies.

  • This mode Last for 8-12 minutes.


Deathmatch is a game mode where you will be placed with 14 different players in a randomly selected map, to test your skill with the gun of your choice from the shop.

  • This mode lasts for 9 minutes or until a player reaches 40 kills.
  • Abilities are disabled as agents are chosen automatically.

Practice Game Modes

Practice Game Modes are a series of modes that you can play in the training grounds, this series of modes will let you have a taste of how Valorant games will work.

Shooting Test

  • Test your gun skills with a variety of shooting challenges.

Spike Planting

  • Take control of the site, plant the Spike, and defend until detonation.

Spike Defuse

  • Methodically defeat enemies and defuse the Spike before time runs out!
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