The LP-15 Ghost is a Sidearm in Valorant.


The Ghost is semi-automatic sidearm pistol. It deals a fairly high amount of damage upon hit, usually taking 2 shots to the head and 5 to 6 shots to the body to kill. The Ghost comes equipped with a silencer, which helps to increase its overall accuracy, and also reduces noise while firing, making it effective as a stealth weapon.

The Ghost is a reliable backup weapon. Its above-average accuracy, good damage and overall consistency allows you to rely on the pistol during most situations.

Minimum Kill Time

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time
100 Health Instantaneous
125 - 150 Health 0.15 seconds

Damage Drop-off

Average damage drop-off : 17% (Low)

Cosmetic Items



  • The Ghost is based on a hybrid of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle and the Hudson H9, with the slide being modeled after that of the Desert Eagle, the the lower frame/trigger guard being modeled after that of the H9.
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