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An equipped gunbuddy on a Classic

Gunbuddies are a type of cosmetic in VALORANT. They are weapon charms that attach to weapons to modify their appearance. They can mostly be unlocked by completing Agent Contracts, earning through Battle Pass progression, or purchasing them from Collection Bundles.

There are currently 161 different gunbuddies.

Current Gunbuddies

Agent Contracts

All agent contracts contain a gunbuddy that is unlocked at Tier 6.

Agent Name Gunbuddy
Astra icon.png Astra Stardust Stardust Buddy.png
Breach icon.png Breach Hammer Time Hammer Time Buddy.png
Brimstone icon.png Brimstone Dog Tags Dog Tags Buddy.png
Cypher icon.png Cypher White Hat White Hat Buddy.png
Jett icon.png Jett Pocket Knife Pocket Knife Buddy.png
KAYO icon.png KAY/O Memory Chip Memory Chip Buddy.png
Killjoy icon.png Killjoy Bot Bot Buddy.png
Omen icon.png Omen Grim Delight Grim Delight Buddy.png
Phoenix icon.png Phoenix Hot Bling Hot Bling Buddy.png
Raze icon.png Raze Blast Pin Blast Pin Buddy.png
Reyna icon.png Reyna Soul Capsule Soul Capsule Buddy.png
Sage icon.png Sage Radianite Orb Radianite Orb Buddy.png
Skye icon.png Skye Hawko Hawko Buddy.png
Sova icon.png Sova Owl Charm Owl Charm Buddy.png
Viper icon.png Viper Venom Vial Venom Vial Buddy.png
Yoru icon.png Yoru Dimensional Fragment Dimensional Fragment Buddy.png

Battle Pass

The battle pass contains between 9 to 12 gunbuddies which are spread out over both the paid and free tracks. These buddies are always earned at the same tier or chapter (depending on how many buddies the pass has). The free track always has 3 buddies that are always unlocked after completing chapters 2, 6, and 9, and unlocking the paid tracks gives access to up to 6-9 more buddies that are unlocked at other tiers.

To see the tiers that each buddy was unlocked at, see the article for that Battle Pass' act (e.g. Episode 01: IGNITION: Act 1#Battle Pass)

Collection Bundles

Gunbuddies from collection bundles can be found in bundles that are at least Premium Edition-tier. They can be bought on their own for Valorant Points 475 but are given for free should the player chose to buy the whole bundle (For bundles containing buddies, the bundle price is only equal to the total cost of the gun skins).

SPECTRUM and the VALORANT Go! series are the only bundles to have had more than one gun buddy in them. The Give Back collection is the only one to have a different pricing for its buddy, costing Valorant Points 975

Prime Gaming

The following gunbuddies are rewards unlocked by Prime Gaming subscribers who connect their account with their Riot Games account:


At the end of each episode, players who played Competitive games and earned a rank will receive a gunbuddy based on the highest Act Rank they achieved during the episode. Each episode has its own ranked buddies, and there are buddies for every rank.


Name Gunbuddy Notes
2021 VCT Masters Winner 2021 VCT Masters Winner Buddy.png Given to pro players that have won a 2021 VCT Masters event
Closed Beta Coin Closed Beta Coin Buddy.png Given to players who completed Tier 5 of the Closed Beta Pass
Dallah Dallah Buddy.png Given to all accounts that existed when the Middle Eastern region was launched
Fist Bump Fist Bump Buddy.png Given to players by Riot and their employees
High Top Heat High Top Heat Buddy.png Given to viewers who watched 60 minutes of the 2021 Spike Nations tournament on October 9th 2021
Snow Bro Snowbro Buddy.png Given to players who played a game of Snowball Fight during its availability in Patch 1.14
VALORANT Coin Valorant Coin Buddy.png Complete Tier 6 of the New Player Contract
Year One Year One Buddy.png Complete Tier 7 of the YR 1 Anniversary Pass