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INSTANTLY channel Neon's high power for increased speed. When charged, ALT FIRE to trigger an electric slide. Slide charge resets every two kills.
— In-game description

High Gear is a signature ability for Neon.


High Gear is a Mobility ability that Neon can instantly activate to increase her movement speed and jump distance. Neon can deactivate and reactivate High Gear's speed boost any time she wants, though she must always have enough Energy to activate the ability, which will be consumed as long as it is active. Neon can use her other abilities during High Gear, but cannot equip any weapons. High Gear will last as long as Neon keeps it active and its effects will end once her Energy pool has been depleted.

Whilst sprinting, Neon gives off distinct run SFX and will leave fluorescent footprints on the surfaces she runs over that last for a short duration.

During High Gear, Neon can use Alt Fire to consume a charge and trigger a slide. The slide can only be activated as long as Neon is moving forwards or sideways. Activating the slide will immediately deactivate High Gear, and Neon will reduce herself to crouch height during the slide.


Neon has 100 Energy. Activating High Gear requires Neon to consume Energy at a rate of 1 every 0.1 seconds (10/sec). Neon will say a warning if her energy drops below 20. When not active, Neon will replenish Energy at a rate of 1 every 0.6 seconds (1.667/sec) and will be able to reactivate High Gear once she has at least 2 Energy. Whenever Neon kills an enemy agent, she will instantly refill her Energy.


Note: Values that are not marked as confirmed (i.e. values not provided explicitly in game or from patch notes) are only estimates. Whilst they may not be the true value, they have been tested so that they should be very accurate. Hover over check marks to see sources for confirmed values.

See above for Energy stats that are relevant to this ability.

Stat Value Confirmed
Windup.png Activation animation duration 0.7 seconds Check Mark.png
Duration.png Slide duration 0.6 seconds Check Mark.png
Tailwind.png Slide distance 7 meters

Update History

Note: Updates to Energy may also be relevant to this ability. See Neon's Update History for full details.



  • Buff Velocity restriction to cast slide removed
    • Slide cannot be cast during equip delay
  • Buff Can now slide sideways and forward, only requiring Neon to be moving
  • Nerf Energy drain increased 6.7/s >>> 10/s