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Your next battleground is a secret Kingdom excavation site overtaken by the arctic. The two plant sites protected by snow and metal require some horizontal finesse. Take advantage of the ziplines and they’ll never see you coming.
— Official description

Icebox is the fifth map to be released in VALORANT.


Icebox is the first map to introduce horizontal ziplines, seen at A Site. Each Icebox site is a complex combat space that features plenty of cover and verticality. This map emphasizes skirmishes, sharp aim, and adaptive play.

It is also the first map where the plant site has different levels of elevation. Both sites contain nests that players can get into using ropes and then plant the spike on the nest floor.



Player Cards
Image Name Source
Ancient Secrets Card Large Ancient Secrets Battle Pass:
EP 01 Act 3
VERSUS Bind + Icebox Card Large VERSUS // Bind + Icebox Battle Pass:
EP 02 Act 2
Knife Fight Card Large Knife Fight Battle Pass:
EP 02 Act 3
On Cooldown Card Large On Cooldown Battle Pass:
EP 03 Act 3
Icebox Schema Card Large Icebox Schema Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 3
Experiment X011 Card Large Experiment X011 Card Battle Pass:
EP 01 Act 2
Image Name Source
Take on the Tundra Buddy Take on the Tundra Battle Pass:
EP 02 Act 1


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Yoru icon Yoru, Match Start on Icebox

Far up north among the Russian islands of the Arctic Ocean lies a Kingdom Corporation container port and research facility. Excavating the remains of an ancient warship that had appeared to be trapped within the ice, further studies reveal there may be more to the ship and its crew than previously expected, revelations that have attracted the attention of others to the otherwise secret site.

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VALORANT Lore Wiki: Icebox

Update History[]

This section covers updates to Icebox's gameplay. For updates to its interactive lore elements, see Icebox/Lore.
  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed a bug where you could stand on the container in B Green.

v8.0 - Adjustment

  • Attacker Side Spawn - Storage container has been added on the left side to block line of sight from Attacker Spawn to B Tube.
  • B Green - Moved the container out of the way.
  • B Tube Exterior - Added a window toward the end of B Tube that overlooks Mid and can see towards A Site and Defender Spawn.
  • B Tube Interior - Added two boxes stacked flush to the wall.
  • B Snow Pile
    • Removed the B Orange route closest to B Kitchen.
    • Adjusted the snowpile leading up to B Kitchen.

v4.04/Icebox revamp - Adjustment

  • B Green
    • Doorway from Attacker spawn building near Green lane moved to the first cubby
    • Green lane slightly widened
    • Pocket in Green lane near Yellow extended
  • B Site Rework
    • Yellow container adjusted and new stack of crates added
    • Lower container removed and geometry adjusted into a cubby facing Green
      • Doorway on the upper container widened and it's position adjusted
    • Outer wall on B site and crane structure brought in toward the site
    • Building in Back B closed off
    • Plant zone on B site adjusted
      • You can now plant on the bridge from kitchen to upper container
  • Mid
    • Back wall in Kitchen adjusted
    • Crates added to Orange lane to block line of sight from under tube to danger
    • Boiler ramp geo simplified and slightly narrowed
      • Smokes will now fully cover Boiler and players should find head peeks from ramp more predictable
  • A Site
    • Cover on back A site adjusted
    • Head peek on attacker side pipes removed
    • Doorway into A lowered to prevent foot shot on players on top of screens


  • Bugfix Viper's Pit Viper's Pit will no longer spawn incorrectly when placed on top of the shipping crates on B site


  • Adjustment The crate stack on B site is no longer pennable, this is to create a safer planting option for attackers
  • Bugfix Buff Minimap and vision cones will now correctly display near B Yellow


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed bug where Cypher's Spycam Spycam could be placed inside the map on mid


v1.14 - Adjustment

  • Reduced the height of the A Belt area and connected it via a ramp to the platform below
    • This puts the upper A Belt area more in line with the rest of the verticality in the site
    • Acquiring targets up top also requires less vertical movement of the crosshair
  • Added a see-through gate on attacking side of A Nest that can’t be passed from the ground level
    • Pathing should be more predictable from attackers approaching the site and defenders retaking the site
  • Sloped the wall and replaced the double stack of Radianite crates in the site with a smaller object
    • This should allow attackers to approach the site more safely, and a quicker retake of the site for defenders
  • Reduced the height of the yellow container
    • This allows the top of the container to be fully cleared from several angles as well as reduces the amount of crosshair displacement required when aiming at targets on top of the container


Added Added



  • Some containers show an address for "The Kingdom Corp" at 12333 W Olympic Blv., Los Angeles, CA 90064. This is actually the real-life location of Riot Games' HQ.
  • Outside of the playable map area overlooking A Site is a room containing a closed pod that has a suit of Japanese Samurai armor inside
    • On initial release, the room was abandoned like the rest of the map, and the pod's armor also contained a mask
    • After Yoru's release, this area of the map was updated to show that it had been broken into. The glass separating the room from A Site was shattered, as had the top half of the pod. The armor's mask had been removed, and what appears to be a radianite trail leads from where the mask was out of the room and out through a hole blasted through the roof of A Site
      • It is thought that the mask taken from this armor is the one Yoru uses during his Dimensional Drift ultimate and that therefore it was Yoru himself who carried out this break in. This is further evidenced by Yoru confirming to Phoenix that he knew his way around the place when the two went there to respond to a spike attack.