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Automatic, rapid fire shotgun that provides sustained high damage.

The Judge is a Shotgun that is a primary weapon in VALORANT.


The Judge is stable at the stand but volatile when fired rapidly. Primary fire hammers short range targets and you’ll need to be steady to nail anything beyond an arm's-length.

The Judge is a moderately-priced automatic shotgun. It is best used in situations that put the user in close range against multiple enemies, being able to wipe them out quickly should they risk not clearing such small areas beforehand. As with all shotguns, the Judge has pellet spread that can be reduced by crouching, though the spread still makes it effectively useless at long ranges no matter what. Unlike the other shotguns however, the Judge does not have a distance cap on its pellets and can hit enemies beyond 50 meters.

As a more expensive shotgun and expected upgrade to the Bucky, the Judge's higher rate of fire makes it a better option for taking on multiple enemies at once. However, the Judge's lower effective magazine capacity and lower damage makes the Bucky a more suitable choice in sustained firefights or for taking out individual targets.


  • Headshot multiplier: x2
  • Leg shot multiplier: x0.85
  • 10–15 m falloff multiplier: x0.588 (10/17)
  • 15+ m falloff multiplier: x0.412 (7/17)
Damage Range Body Part 100 HP 125 HP 150 HP
Shells to kill Time to kill (s) Shells to kill Time to kill (s) Shells to kill Time to kill (s)
0–10 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Legs 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
10–15 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 2 0.286 2 0.286
Legs 2 0.286 2 0.286 2 0.286
15–50 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 2 0.286 2 0.286 2 0.286
Legs 2 0.286 3 0.571 3 0.571

Update History

  • Nerf Price increased 1600 >>> 1850
  • Nerf Damage falloff at 10m reduced from 13 >>> 10 per pellet
  • Nerf Damage falloff at 15m reduced from 10 >>> 7 per pellet


  • Nerf Headshot aimpunch decreased
  • Nerf Hitting an enemy past 10 meters will apply a different tagging value instead of standard tagging
    • New tagging: 30% slow for .5s on a smooth curve going back to normal speed
  • Nerf Price increased 1500 >>> 1600 credits


  • Nerf Spread penalty when in air increased .5 >>> 1.25


Image Edition Collection Source Cost/Unlock Upgrades Variants
Celestial Judge.png Premium-edition-icon.png Celestial Store Valorant Points1775 -
Coalition Cobra Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Coalition: Cobra EP. 04 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 05 - Blue
Convex Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Convex Store Valorant Points875 -
Divine Swine Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Divine Swine EP. 04 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 05
DOT EXE Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png DOT EXE EP. 01 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 40
Elderflame Judge.png Ultra-edition-icon.png Elderflame Store Valorant Points2475 VFX
Glitchpop Judge.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Glitchpop Store Valorant Points2175 VFX
Goldwing Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Goldwing EP. 03 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 30
Hydrodip Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Hydrodip EP. 04 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 15
Jigsaw Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Jigsaw EP. 03 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 15 - <Skye
Luxe Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Luxe Store Valorant Points875 -
Outpost Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Outpost EP. 02 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 20
POLYfox Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png POLYfox EP. 01 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 10
Prism III Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Prism III EP. 02 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 05 - Pink
Rush Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Rush Store Valorant Points875 -
Sensation Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Sensation Store Valorant Points875
Serenity Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Serenity EP. 01 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 15
Shimmer Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Shimmer EP 05 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 16 - Gold
Smite Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Smite Store Valorant Points875 -
Snowfall Judge.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Snowfall Store Valorant Points1275
Team Ace Judge.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Team Ace Store Valorant Points1275
Undercity Judge.png Premium-edition-icon.png Undercity Store Valorant Points1775
Varnish Judge.png Select-edition-icon.png Varnish EP. 03 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 15


  • During the Beta, the weapon's full name was the ACS-12 Judge (Automatic Combat Shotgun).
  • The Judge's design has similarities to the Fostech Origin-12.
  • Despite the Operator's and the Odin's heavy physical appearance, the Bucky and Judge are the weapons slowest to run with.
  • The Judge is one of two weapons to not have a Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe Edition skin available in a Battle Pass, the other being the Frenzy.