The Kingdom is an organization in the world of Valorant


The purpose of Kingdom is to harness the power of Radianite. With this power, the Valorant Protocol was created to stop the Kingdom from harnessing any Radianite and using it for their evil purposes.

Each map has a different significance to the Kingdom. The map Split is the Kingdom headquarters. The Kingdom 'k' logo is littered everywhere, and the massive building in the background is the actual building for the Kingdom. The map Haven is a temple that was taken by the Kingdom and repurposed as a storage area for Radianite. The map Bind is a town being torn up and repurposed as a Kingdom Radianite processing center. Laboratory A is where they create spikes - black matter. The spike and the defuser are both branded with the Kingdom 'k' logo. The tutorial map (as well as ascent) is advertised in Bind on A long, on a billboard talking about the kingdom's "floating islands". The tutorial map (as well as ascent) is a bay ripped apart and made to float frozen in time via the power of Radianite.

The Valorant Protocol took over one of those islands to use as a headquarters to train Radiants. They have boxes that are fake radianite crates in order to resemble the real thing. You can see the real crates all over the place on every map.

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