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This article is about the organization from Earth-1. For other uses, see Kingdom.

What has Kingdom done to this town?! However pretty their lies are, they're just sucking my city dry!

— Cypher (Match Start on Bind)

Kingdom Corporation (also known as Kingdom Co. or Alpha Kingdom) is an organization in the world of VALORANT from Earth-1.

Arguably the biggest organization on Earth, Kingdom seeks to harness the power of radianite. By doing so, they have been able to make huge scientific advancements, including new methods for how Earth produces its energy. Their growing global influence however has been met with resistance by some of Earth's citizens who feel the corporation doesn't truly have everyone's best interests at heart.


After radianite was discovered, Kingdom Corporation was able to use it to produce an immense amount of energy, and would end up producing enough to provide for three quarter's of the world's energy needs[1]. This made the organization extremely successful, and their brand has expanded further outside of the energy sector to create many subsidiaries over several other industries, from clothing to firearms (see Organizations: Kingdom Corporation).

Just after an incident in Venice, the world reacted harshly towards the event and Kingdom after it was speculated that radianite had been involved. The company saw its largest single-day stock drop in its history, and it had to release a statement reassuring the world that radianite was beyond safe. The corporation's CEO was also brought into the conversation, though it is unknown whether this was just the media speculating about them or whether they actually got involved in the aftermath themselves[1].

Alternate Realities

Kingdom Industries

Main article: Kingdom Industries

Kingdom Industries is the mirror counterpart to Kingdom Corporation from the Mirror Earth.

At some point the two organizations were able to make contact with each other and set up the Everett-Linde Research Lab together. Despite this partnership, the two Kingdoms were not very trustful of each other and had strict protocols in place to prevent the sharing of any information that wasn't approved to be shared. Their venture appeared to have ended after the lab's Radian Collider was destroyed by snipers.


The spike and the defuser are both branded with the Kingdom 'K' logo.

Some maps are set in locations that are important to Kingdom:


  • Contains a Kingdom building that sells tickets to something, possibly a museum
    • (Based on the names of Environment files for Ascent within VALORANT's game files, though file names aren't necessarily canon)


  • Location of a Kingdom Radianite Refinery, whose facilities include a laboratory and a reactor


  • Crash site for one of their container ships, the "Meridian", which is beached and broken into large pieces
    • Meridian's cargo includes Kingdom-branded containers, computers, and servers, as well as a triangular teleporter
    • Meridian is attached to a system that is pumping liquid radianite onto the ship



  • Location of a temple that was taken by Kingdom and repurposed as a Radianite crate storage facility


  • Location of a container port operated by Kingdom's shipping company
  • Location of a Kingdom boat, mounted with guns and a container storage area above deck


  • Location of Kingdom's headquarters, a massive skyscraper overlooking the entire map from behind Defender spawn
  • The train station and train network that uses it is operated by Kingdom
  • Location of Kingdom Plaza (プラザ), a building shown to be under construction that makes up A Tower