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Each match of VALORANT takes place on a map. Maps feature a spawn area for each team, barriers that limit accessible areas during the Buy Phase, and objective sites where the spike is to be planted.

Four maps were available at launch, and a six-month cycle is expected for the release of new maps[1].

There are currently seven playable maps in VALORANT, with an additional one for practice and training new players.

List of Maps

Image Name Location Type Release Patch
Loading Screen Fracture.png
Fracture US.png Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Standard 3.05
Loading Screen Breeze.png
Breeze Atlantic Ocean Standard 2.08
Loading Screen Icebox.png
Icebox RU.png Bennett Island, Russia Standard 1.10
Loading Screen Bind.png
Bind MA.png Rabat, Morocco Standard Beta
Loading Screen Haven.png
Haven BT.png Thimphu, Bhutan Standard Beta
Loading Screen Split.png
Split JP.png Tokyo, Japan Standard Beta
Loading Screen Ascent.png
Ascent IT.png Venice, Italy Standard 1.0
Loading Screen Range.png
The Range IT.png Venice, Italy Practice Beta

Map Coordinates

Each map in VALORANT has a real-life location, with its coordinates shown on the loading screen when entering a game on that map. The coordinates are listed as latitude and longitude using degrees, minutes, and seconds. The seconds values are shown as letters instead, with each letter representing a digit[2]:

Latitude letters (N/S) Longitude letters (E/W) Digit
A Z 0
B Y 1
C X 2
D W 3
E V 4
F U 5
G T 6
H S 7
I R 8
J Q 9

The real-life locations given by these coordinates are shown here:

Loading map...