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Hold an angle, breathe, and they’ll regret turning that corner.

The Marshal is a Sniper rifle that is a primary weapon in VALORANT.


A nimble lever-action sniper rifle with a single zoom that can keep bullish enemies at bay. A slow rate of fire means you have to either hit the mark or leave yourself open to attacks.

The Marshal is a low cost sniper rifle. As a sniper, it has a scope with a single zoom setting on its Alternate Fire mode that has perfect accuracy when standing still. Despite sniper rifles usually being extremely inaccurate when used in Primary Fire mode, the Marshal is surprisingly accurate in this case, meaning it can be used to take on multiple enemies at once so long as the user can hit their shots.

As a lever action sniper rifle, the Marshal is reloaded one bullet at a time. Because the Marshal's reload time is also shorter than it's fire rate, this means that a user can reload a bullet in between shots, effectively increasing the magazine's capacity to the entire available reserve.

Compared to the costlier Operator, the Marshal's is better at fighting multiple enemies due to its higher fire rate, but this would require exceptional aim from ther user as they will need to hit headshots instead. The Operator meanwhile deals much more damage that allows it to instantly kill enemies with a body shot as well as headshots, whereas the Marshal can only do this against unshielded enemies.


  • Headshot multiplier: x2
  • Leg shot multiplier: x0.85

Primary Fire

Damage Range Body Part 100 HP 125 HP 150 HP
Bullets to kill Time to kill (s) Bullets to kill Time to kill (s) Bullets to kill Time to kill (s)
0–50 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 2 0.667 2 0.667
Legs 2 0.667 2 0.667 2 0.667

Alternate Fire

Damage Range Body Part 100 HP 125 HP 150 HP
Bullets to kill Time to kill (s) Bullets to kill Time to kill (s) Bullets to kill Time to kill (s)
0–50 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 2 0.833 2 0.833
Legs 2 0.833 2 0.833 2 0.833

Update History

  • Buff Price decreased 1000 >>> 950


  • Buff Movement speed when zoomed increased 76% >>> 90%
  • Buff Price decreased 1100 >>> 1000 credits
  • Adjustment Zoom magnification increased 2.5x >>> 3.5x


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed bug where the weapon maintained accuracy while walking


Image Edition Collection Source Cost/Unlock Upgrades Variants
Artisan Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Artisan EP. 03 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 10 - Red
Avalanche Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Avalanche Store Valorant Points1275 -
Coalition Cobra Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png Coalition: Cobra EP. 04 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 30 - Blue
Couture Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png Couture EP. 01 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 20 -
Divine Swine Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png Divine Swine EP. 04 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 15
Doodle Buds Marshal.png Premium-edition-icon.png Doodle Buds Store Valorant Points1775 Kill Effect Tactifriends
League of Legends
Gaia's Vengeance Marshal.png Premium-edition-icon.png Gaia's Vengeance Store Valorant Points1775 VFX
Galleria Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png Galleria Store Valorant Points875 -
Magepunk Marshal.png Premium-edition-icon.png Magepunk Store Valorant Points1775 VFX
Monarch Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png Monarch EP. 03 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 40 -
POLYfrog Marshal.png Select-edition-icon.png POLYfrog EP. 02 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 01
Ruin Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Ruin EP. 01 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 01
Songsteel Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Songsteel EP. 02 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 40
Sovereign Marshal.png Premium-edition-icon.png Sovereign Store Valorant Points1775 VFX
Task Force 809 Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Task Force 809 EP 05 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 35 -
Wasteland Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Wasteland Store Valorant Points1275
Winterwunderland Marshal.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Winterwunderland Store Valorant Points1275


  • During the Beta, the weapon's full name was the LAR-1887 Marshal (Lever Action Rifle).
  • The Marshal's design appears to be a hybrid rendition of two firearms, based loosely upon both the Winchester 1873/1894 lever action rifle and the Steyr Scout.
  • The Marshal is one of two weapons to not have an Exclusive-edition-icon.png Exclusive Edition skin, the other being the Bucky.