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Missions allow players to earn XP. They can be completed in Plant/Defuse game modes. Deathmatch-class modes are prevented from granting mission progress.

Daily missions

Players receive two daily missions everyday, lasting for 24 hours before being replaced with a new pair (though not necessarily with goals different to the previous day's missions). All daily missions grant 2,000 XP. Daily missions are assigned individually; two different players will get different missions.

Example daily missions
Required action Goal
Deal damage 1,000
Get headshots 5
Kill with enemy guns 1
Pick up ultimate orbs 1
Purchase abilities 25
Purchase items from the armory 30
Purchase shields 15
Purchase weapons 20
Use your ultimate 5
You or your ally plant or defuse spikes 5

Weekly missions

Each week, players are assigned three weekly missions. Unlike daily missions, they remain available until completed and are the same for all players each week. They are organized in sets within an act. A set of weekly missions is reset at the start of a new act. Weekly missions pile up so that after finishing all of a week's missions, players can immediately unlock the missions for the following week if they are behind schedule.

The amount of XP weekly missions reward varies with every act and within an act itself. The first week's missions will give a set amount, and then missions from subsequent weeks will start to give a bit more.