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The Night Market is a periodic store extension that gives players another way of obtaining weapon skins besides the usual daily offers and store bundle.

Whenever a new Night Market is opened, players will receive offers for six random weapon skins that will be randomly discounted. These offers are unique for each player. Players only receive one set of offers per Night Market, and each set only available for a limited time.

Eligible skins

The skins eligible to appear are any skins that can be purchased from the Store that have been released at least two acts prior to the one the Night Market was opened in. The exceptions are any gun skins classed as Exclusive-edition-icon.png Exclusive or Ultra-edition-icon.png Ultra Edition as well as any knives that are part of a skin collection classed as one of these editions. At least two of the offers will be either Premium-edition-icon.png Premium Edition gun skins or knife skins. A Night Market cannot offer more than two skins for the same type of weapon unless this condition would prevent the player from getting six offers[1].

Eligible collections

Each skin that will appear in the latest Night Market will be from one of the following collections:

Upcoming additions

The following collections will be added to the Night Market pool at the start of the next act:

The following collections have been released in the current act, and will only be added to the Night Market pool once the next act has also completed:

List of Night Market appearances

  • December 10th 2020 to January 11th 2021
  • February 11th 2021 to February 23rd 2021
  • April 8th 2021 to April 20th 2021
  • June 2nd 2021 to June 15th 2021
  • July 28th 2021 to August 10th 2021
  • September 29th 2021 to October 12th 2021


  • Night Market is similar to League of Legends' Your Shop, which also gives six discounts on common champion skins
  • Night Markets sometimes put teasers for upcoming content in images advertising an open market