The HMG-50 Odin is a machine gun that is a primary weapon in VALORANT.


The Odin is the second most expensive gun in the game, costing 3200 credits. It is a heavy weapon that, like the Ares, is best used for wallbanging due to its high wall penetration and high magazine size, which is the highest in the game at 100. Its primary fire, again like the Ares, speeds up during fire but unlike the Ares, its ADS allows you to immediately start shooting at its maximum fire rate.

Minimum Kill Time

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time
100 - 150 Health 0.06 seconds

Damage Traits

Average damage drop-off rate: 18% (Low)

Head to leg damage ratio : 297% (Low)

Update History


Machine Guns are significantly underperforming other weapons at their price points. Machine Guns are meant to be bullet hoses—powerful once they get going. This is a difficult balance to strike in a game where a single bullet from the Vandal will put you down. Our hope here is to make Machine Guns better at what they do (shoot lots and lots of bullets) while also increasing the power of the Ares relative to weapons at a similar price point.

  • Odin
    • Reduced the amount and intensity of horizontal (Yaw) Recoil after the first 8 bullets.



  • The Odin's design seems to be based on the KAC ChainSAW.
  • Despite the Operator's and the Odin's heavy physical appearance, the Bucky and Judge are the weapons slowest to run with.
  • Odin is also the name of the Norse God of wisdom, poetry, death, divination, and magic.
  • The Odin is one of three weapons to not have a Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe Edition skin, the other two being the Judge and the Guardian
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