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A phantom of a memory, Omen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, then lets paranoia take hold as his foe scrambles to learn where he might strike next.
— Official description

Omen is an Agent in VALORANT and one of the first Controllers available to play since the Closed Beta.



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For many years the phantom radiant Omen had no memory of his past and how he came to be in his current state. Firstly working alongside Dr. Sabine Callas (one of his only apparent links to who he used to be) at Kingdom Corporation, he would then go on join her in the founding of the VALORANT Protocol. During his time as a secret agent, Omen was driven by his search to discover who he previously was. Without answers he was unable to find peace, his predicament being only a nightmare for him to live in.

It was then after over a decade of time that a path towards the truth finally appeared when the Protocol came across an hourglass symbol after one of their missions, something that immediately triggered a sense of recognition in Omen. Soon after, VALORANT then ended up meeting the person responsible for this symbol appearing, the young assassin Li Zhao Yu, who was recruited into the organization as "Iso". At first it was hard to get much information out of Iso as he shut down many queries about his own past, but eventually he came forward with his own truth; he had still been working undercover for his former employer, the Scions of Hourglass, and he had joined VALORANT in order to access his next target: Omen. It was only after seeing the differences between the two organizations that Iso had chosen to truly defect from Hourglass instead as he had initially pretended to, and now he wanted to join in VALORANT's investigation into the SoH to uncover more about them. For Omen specifically however, it was an opportunity to finally get some answers on his past, starting with why this organization, one that Iso said that Omen used to work for too, wanted him dead.

Intel eventually led to Protocol to an Hourglass skyscraper base in Jakarta where Iso's former boss was. While VALORANT sent a full strike team to confront and interrogate the boss, Omen was entrusted with carrying this out personally, entering the base alone while the other agents provided support. Going through every guard on his way up to the penthouse, Omen found the boss there and confronted him, but was trapped by the boss within a device that he had set up, using a beam of energy to start ripping him apart. In what was meant to be Omen's final moments, the boss was happy to oblige with Omen's demand for answers, revealing that Omen had been Hourglass' most talented assets in their former mission to keep the substance radianite from being rediscovered, as an assassin known as "Ghost".

But the boss' taunting triggered something more in Omen, as more memories of his past began to return. He could suddenly remember the last day before he had changed completely and what he had been doing. As Ghost, he had been sent on a mission to kill Sabine Callas, his old Kingdom colleague and now his fellow Protocol agent "Viper", just as she and Kingdom had been about to rediscover radianite. That last day was the moment of the assassination attempt, but he realized he had failed. Dr. Callas had been able to defended herself, while a vial of chemicals she had been holding had hit Ghost in the face, before he had then ended up becoming trapped within a nearby test chamber. As he had tried to break out, Dr. Callas had then activated it, with the process then turning him from a man into the phantom that he was now. Omen had been left with no memory of this upon his transformation, but Viper had known this whole time. Just as the boss then moved to finish Omen off though in the midst of all of this, the device containing him was destroyed by the strike team, freeing Omen to grab the boss and take him through the window, leaving him to fall to his death.

After the events in Jakarta, Omen now has the truth behind how he came to be, but it has only led to more questions and frustration, with Omen finding himself unfocused instead of at peace as he thought he would be once he got his answers. Now needing to find his own path in light of what he has uncovered, Omen has stepped away from the Protocol for now while he recovers. But no matter who he used to be, Omen has since made a new family in VALORANT, and he knows he will return to them in time.

GHOST: Early life[]

  • Ghost goes under several other aliases over his life.[1]
    • These include Dmitri, Fred, John, Marcus, and Yohan.
  • Ghost works for the Scions of Hourglass.
  • Ghost is assigned to assassinate Sabine Callas.[2]
    • He fails in his attempt as Callas defends herself, with a vial of chemicals she was holding hitting him in the face.
    • He then ends up trapped within a test chamber that Callas activates, with the result turning him from a man into a phantom without any memory of who he was.
  • Ghost is later involved with First Light.[1][3]


  • Recruited as its third agent.
    • Omen plays an important part in the organization's founding and why it was set up.[4]
  • Omen enters into a transaction with Cypher wherein he asks him to find information regarding "hard to find answers".[5]
    • He is yet to pay Cypher in order for the intel broker to reveal to him what he has discovered.

First ventures into Omega[]

  • Omen is assigned to keep track of a REALM convoy that is pursuing Varun Batra.[6]
    • He delivers a report after Batra flees from Bhutan.

Journey into the City of Flowers[]

  • Omen attempts to call Fade, but accidentally connects to Brimstone's number instead.[7]

Project Landfall[]

  • Omen reports that Max Bot has been displaying strange behavior, including increased awareness and independence, and recommends that Killjoy and Raze revert his modified programming.[8]
    • He later has suspicions towards Raze over her stealing fuel, which the Brazilian denies.[9]
    • Max Bot then goes missing, with Omen imploring Brimstone to act on the situation.[10]
    • After Max Bot reveals his betrayal when he hijacks the Protocol's teleporter, Omen contacts Brimstone to tell him "I told you so".[11]

Scions of Hourglass[]

  • Omen recognizes an hourglass symbol discovered by the Protocol in their investigation into the disappearance of Landfall's leadership.[12]
    • He has sessions with Fade and Sage to attempt to restore his memories about the symbol, but they aren't successful
    • He asks Cypher and Brimstone to keep him informed about any further developments in the investigation. Cypher later meets with Omen to inform him about something he had discovered.[13]
  • Omen watches a group of agents during a card game.[14]
  • Omen is reported to be obsessed with new recruit Iso, who was a part of the organization with the hourglass symbol and even knew things about Omen's previous work there.[15]
  • Omen is informed by Iso that he had been targeted by the Scions of Hourglass for assassination.[16]
  • Omen asks Brimstone to approve a raid on Iso's former boss.[17]
  • Omen is assigned as a member of the Jakarta strike team.[18]
    • He enters the base alone, going through every guard on his way up to the penthouse where he finds and confronts the boss, but the boss activates a machine that traps Omen within an area of energy that begins to work on ripping him apart.
      • While contained, the boss taunts him with information about his previous role as "Ghost" at the Scions of Hourglass.
      • All of the boss' reveals meanwhile trigger flashbacks in Omen to his failed mission to assassinate Sabine Callas.
        • As his memory of these events come back to him, he realizes it was the outcome of this mission that was responsible for turning him into what he was now and that Viper has known about his forgotten past all this time.
    • After Sova fires a large energy blast into the penthouse at the machine to destroy it and free him, Omen proceeds to take the boss through the window and leaves him to fall to his death.
    • When informed that Viper had requested a full report after the mission is completed, he says he will deliver it to her personally.
    • He later contacts Brimstone after the events of the mission.[19]

Omen's Extended Leave[]

  • Omen goes on extended leave, deactivating his tracker.[20]
  • Omen goes to an Edinburgh library to obtain an Hourglass journal.[21]
    • He also comes across Clove, and ends up in a fight alongside them.
  • Omen meets with Deadlock to handover Clove and the Hourglass journal to the Protocol.[22]
  • Omen is discovered by Sage and they talk for a while before she leaves him to work and heal.[23]
  • Omen reflects on recent events, believing there has to be something meaningful to eventually come out of all of it.[24]
  • Omen is informed by Iso about the Protocol's mission to the Hourglass Elder Grotto.[25]
  • Omen is assigned as a member of the Jan Mayen strike team.[26]
  • Omen meets with Cypher and Sage to go over what remains of the Elder Grotto's archives.[27]


   If I must live in this nightmare my enemies might as well join me.
— Omen (Match Start)

A living nightmare, Omen takes full advantage of his shadowed physique and will not hesitate to eliminate his enemies using the forces of paranoia and fear. He is cynical in nature, which stems from him experiencing extreme pain as he was condemned to remain in the state that he is today. If there's one person who wants to know more about his mysterious circumstances, it's Omen himself - and quite desperately so.

Despite his fearsome nature, Omen shows some friendliness towards people he knows well such as Viper, shown by being able to call her by her real name despite her warning other agents to never do so. He has been known to knit as a way to help him focus.


Omen wears gray armor, black pants, and a purple hooded cape. His arms are wrapped in bandages while never revealing his form underneath. His face cannot be seen under his hood, with only three bright blue slits being present instead.

Whenever Omen activates his ultimate ability, he fully appears in the form of a dark shade.



Shrouded Step

EQUIP a shrouded step ability and see its range indicator. FIRE to begin a brief channel, then teleport to the marked location.

Uses: 2 Uses 2 Cost:Credits icon 100


EQUIP a blinding orb. FIRE to throw it forward, briefly Nearsighting and Deafening all players it touches. This projectile can pass straight through walls.

Uses: 1 Uses 1 Cost:Credits icon 250 Debuff: Debuff 2 s Nearsight


Dark Cover

EQUIP a shadow orb, entering a phased world to place and target the orbs. PRESS the ability key to throw the shadow orb to the marked location, creating a long-lasting shadow sphere that blocks vision. HOLD FIRE while targeting to move the marker further away. HOLD ALT FIRE while targeting to move the marker closer. PRESS RELOAD to toggle normal targeting view.

Uses: 2 Uses 2 Cost:Credits icon 150 Duration: Duration 15 s Cooldown: Cooldown 30 s


From the Shadows

EQUIP a tactical map. FIRE to begin teleporting to the selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport, or PRESS EQUIP for Omen to cancel his teleport.

Cost:♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 7 points Duration: Duration 4 s

Agent Cosmetics[]

The following are cosmetics related to Omen from Agent Gear and from other sources (e.g. Battle Pass).


More information: Gear
Chapter 1
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
It Hunts Spray VALORANT Omen Card Large Player Title image Dark Focus Spray Kingdom Credits
It Hunts
Player Card:
Player Title:
Dark Focus
Kingdom Credits:
Kingdom Credits 2,000 Kingdom Credits 2,500 Kingdom Credits 3,000 Kingdom Credits 3,500 -
Chapter 2
Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10
Grim Delight Buddy Omen Spray Player Title image What's Another Death Card Large Soul Silencer Ghost
Grim Delight
Player Title:
Player Card:
What's Another Death
Weapon Skin:
Soul Silencer Ghost
Kingdom Credits 4,500 Kingdom Credits 5,500 Kingdom Credits 6,500 Kingdom Credits 7,500 Kingdom Credits 8,000

Other cosmetics[]

Player Cards
Image Name Source
Boot Camp Stealth Module Card Large Boot Camp // Stealth Module Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 2
Doodle Buds Agents Card Large Doodle Buds // Agents Store:
Doodle Buds
Downtime Omen Card Large Downtime Omen Battle Pass:
EP 03 Act 3
EP 3 Reflection Card Large EP 3 // Reflection Event Pass:
YR 1 Anniversary
Epilogue Downtime Omen Card Large Epilogue: Downtime Omen Battle Pass:
EP 03 Act 3
Epilogue Order for Owen! Card Large Epilogue: Order for Owen! Battle Pass:
EP 07 Act 3
Garden of Heroes Omen Card Large Garden of Heroes: Omen Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Hitlist Card Large Hitlist Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 2
I Am Everywhere Card Large I Am Everywhere Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 1
Legion Card Large Legion Event Pass:
Living The Nightmare Card Large Living The Nightmare Battle Pass:
EP 03 Act 3
Lost and Found Card Large Lost and Found Battle Pass:
EP 09 Act 1
On the Edge Card Large On the Edge Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 3
Order for Owen! Card Large Order for Owen! Battle Pass:
EP 07 Act 3
PREMIER E8A1 Card Large PREMIER E8A1 Premier
Rank Up! Masters Tokyo 2023 Card Large Rank Up! // Masters Tokyo 2023
(banner only)
Rank Up! Masters Tokyo 2023 Card Wide
Broadcast Drops
Scare Tactics Card Large Scare Tactics Prime Gaming Drops
Scars that Bond Card Large Scars that Bond Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 1
Shadow Walker Card Large Shadow Walker Event Pass:
Shot in the Dark Card Large Shot in the Dark Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 1
Unstoppable Omen Card Large Unstoppable // Omen Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 3

Part of collection:
VERSUS Omen + Sage Card Large VERSUS // Omen + Sage Battle Pass:
EP 02 Act 1

Part of collection:
VERSUS Viper + Omen Card Large VERSUS // Viper + Omen Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 1

Part of collection:
Image Name Source
Downtime Spray Downtime Battle Pass:
EP 08 Act 2
I'm Melting Spray I'm Melting Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 3
Last Person Standing Spray Last Person Standing Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 1
Look Behind You Spray Look Behind You Battle Pass:
EP 04 Act 3
Omen Cat Dance Spray Omen Cat Dance Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 2
Omen Remembers Spray Omen Remembers Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 3
Pity Party Spray Pity Party Prime Gaming Drops
That's Terrifying Spray That's Terrifying Battle Pass:
EP 09 Act 1
The Big Bet Spray The Big Bet Battle Pass:
EP 07 Act 3
Very Sneaky Spray Very Sneaky Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Weapon Skins
Image Edition Skin Weapon Variant Source
Doodle Buds Stinger Premium Doodle Buds Stinger Base Store
Doodle Buds Phantom Phantom Base
Doodle Buds Marshal Marshal Base
Doodle Buds Ares Ares Base


Update History[]

  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Buff Now able to pick up the Spike and interact with other useables like doors while in the Shade form of From the Shadows without having to cancel the ability.


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Added Smokes play an audio and visual cue 1.5 seconds before they are about to fade.


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Bugfix Buff Fixed a bug where other Agents were not animating when they moved through Omen’s Dark Cover ability.


  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Removed Movement velocity no longer imparted when casting
    • Nerf Base speed decreased from 20 >>> 16 meters per second




  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Adjustment The timing of Omen’s From the Shadows voiceover line will come in quicker to increase your discernibility.
  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed Omen Shrouded Step to not be interrupted if you’re Suppressed before teleporting.



  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Adjustment Updated targeting visuals to help players with precision placement on the map.


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Nerf Now falls to the height of nearby ground if placed inside walls



  • Adjustment Progress/Charge bars moved to a consistent location and made a consistent size
  • Added Updated 3P model to increase detail and fidelity


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Buff Cooldown decreased 40s >>> 30s
    • Buff Projectile Speed increased 2800 >>> 6400
    • Nerf Cost increased 100 >>> 150
  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Buff Cost decreased 150 >>> 100
    • Buff Pre teleport delay decreased 1s >>> 0.7s
    • Buff Improved the system used to place Shrouded Step at targeted ground locations
  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Buff Added forward spawn offset, so players adjacent to Omen are not hit


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Bugfix Buff Will no longer equip weapons slower than intended after casting Dark Cover
  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Bugfix Buff Fixed a bug where Omen could become stuck in other objects if they were blocking From the Shadows' return location


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Bugfix Buff Fixed an issue where Dark Cover could travel in unintended ways that caused it to settle slightly off from where it was aimed


  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Nerf Cost increased 100 >>> 150
  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Buff Cost decreased 400 >>> 300
  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Nerf Granted signature charges reduced 2 >>> 1
      • Omen now must buy his second smoke for Credits icon 100
    • Nerf Cooldown time increased 35 >>> 40



  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed issues where teleporting into narrow areas created by Sage's Barrier Orb wall pushed Omen into a wall


  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Buff Fixed issue with targeting that caused Shrouded Step to get stuck on corners at a much greater distance
  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed issue where Omen could swap equipables right after selecting a map location for From the Shadows


  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed issue where Omen’s reforming VFX didn’t line up with where he actually appeared
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed Omen being able to trigger the defuse sound while teleporting
  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed issue where Omen could have his gun equipped while forming


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed an issue where Omen could plant the Spike while elevated on a Sage Barrier Orb wall
  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed an issue where Omen could sometimes teleport past the buy phase barriers
  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Nerf Cost increased 200 >>> 400 credits
  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Nerf Projectile speed decreased 4000 >>> 2800


  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Bugfix Nerf Fixed an issue where Omen could teleport past the Buy phase barrier


  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Adjustment Updated projectile VFX to better represent hitbox, especially when it is traveling towards enemies' POV


  • Shrouded Step Shrouded Step
    • Buff Can now see teleport location on the map and receives an in-world indicator of target location when vision of the point is obstructed
  • Paranoia Paranoia
    • Nerf Now equipped instead of quickcast
    • Buff Hit detection improved, especially at close range
  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Buff Omen now enters a “phaser” world where he can see through walls to place his smokes
      • Pressing RELOAD toggles between phased and normal targeting
      • Omen can now increase smoke distance with PRIMARY FIRE, decrease it with SECONDARY FIRE, and throw smoke with the ABILITY KEY
  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Buff Omen can now cancel his teleport while in Shade form by pressing the ABILITY KEY again
      • Omen still loses all of his ult points if he cancels


  • Dark Cover Dark Cover
    • Buff Duration increased 12 >> 15 seconds
    • Buff Projectile speed increased to 4000
    • Nerf Cooldown increased 30 >> 35 seconds


  • Added Updated visuals
  • From the Shadows From the Shadows
    • Nerf Omen now immediately become vulnerable and no longer appears dark after leaving shadow form
    • Buff Attenuation radius of arrival sound reduced to 2250

Spotify Playlist[]


  • When Omen was contacted by the Blackmailer, the Blackmailer specifically denoted Omen's radiant classification with an asterisk, suggesting there is something different about Omen compared to other radiants.



  • Prior to the global launch of VALORANT and the end of the Closed Beta, Omen originally had sharp light blue eyes, rather than the current triple vertical slashes on his "face."