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Attackers push down into the Defenders on this two-site map set in a vibrant, underwater city. Pearl is a geo-driven map with no mechanics. Take the fight through a compact mid or the longer range wings in our first map set in Omega Earth.
— Official description

Pearl is the eighth map to be released in VALORANT.


Pearl is a two-site three-lane map. Following on from the release of more strategically complex maps like Icebox, Breeze, and Fracture, Pearl is designed as a more traditional map. As a result, Pearl is the first map to be released that does not contain any dynamic elements or mechanical hooks for gameplay.[1]



Player Cards
Image Name Source
Garden of Heroes Jett Card Large Garden of Heroes: Jett Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Garden of Heroes Sage Card Large Garden of Heroes: Sage Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Garden of Heroes Omen Card Large Garden of Heroes: Omen Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Pearl District Sanctuary Card Large Pearl District: Sanctuary Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Garden of Heroes Phoenix Card Large Garden of Heroes: Phoenix Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Pearl District Seascape Card Large Pearl District: Seascape Battle Pass:
EP 05 Act 2
Yellows On Rails Card Large Yellows On Rails Battle Pass:
EP 04 Act 3
Image Name Source
Mother of Pearl Buddy Mother of Pearl Battle Pass:
EP 06 Act 3


I can't believe you have a city-wide geo dome... Truly a modern wonder.

The Pearl District geodesic dome is one of several to exist on the Portuguese coast of Omega Earth. As the state of Omega's climate verges on the brink of collapse, the city of Lisbon faced destructive rising tides on course to completely submerge it below the ocean. To save the city and its people, the VALORANT Legion and Kingdom Industries worked together to keep the tides at bay and construct the geo-domes. Though the Atlantic inevitably rose far above, the completion of the geo-domes has ensured parts of Lisbon have still survived and its people can continue life beneath the waves.

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Announcements can be heard at several places around the map:

Update History[]

v6.11 - Adjustment
  • B Ramp - Screen size reduced, ramp replaced with a small box, attacker cubby removed
  • B Screen - Screen size lowered and widened, with added stack of crates
  • B Hall - New cubby added
  • B Tower - Pillar widened


  • Bugfix Buff AI (such as Seekers Seekers) will now travel through the crouch-only connection near Defender spawn.

v5.06 - Adjustment

  • B Main - Lowered waist-high wall on the left side so that it can no longer completely hide anyone.
  • Mid Shops - Extended platform.
  • Mid Shops to Mid Plaza - Removed one of the corners.
  • Mid Top - Pushed in a wall on to remove a 50-50 check.
  • A Art - Simplifying the space with less objects so there are fewer areas to check.
  • B Link - Lowered crate at the top of Link so that it can no longer completely hide anyone. Stack of boxes at bottom of Link shifted from the left side to the right and closer to B site entrance.
  • A Main - Removing a cut out on the wall to simplify the space.
  • A Main to A Site - Tightened the choke to make smoking it easier
    • The cubby will also shrink slightly to keep it from being too deep.


Added Added


  • Pearl is the first map released to be set on Omega Earth.
  • Pearl had been teased for several months before its release:
    • Coordinates for Lisbon were teased during RiotXArcane in an interactive event.
      • They were faintly displayed on a pillar in a VALORANT-themed area.
    • Fracture emails to one of the Omega employees there, Rúben Pontes, from his niece Aurora and Alpha colleague Oran McEneff mention that he was from a place with a city-wide geo-dome.
    • In the WARM UP cinematic, a map of Lisbon could be seen in the common room.
  • During development, Pearl had a giant hole in the center of the map, which is where its codename "Pitt" comes from.
    • The hole didn't make it past development as its presence didn't match Riot's goals for Pearl being a more straightforward map and it made mid feel small and frustrating to move around.[2]
  • A suggested name for Pearl during development was "Cascade" due to the map having attackers cascading into the defenders with its altitude difference.[3]