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Radianite Points Radianite Points (RP) are a form of currency in VALORANT. They are are used to upgrade owned weapon skins with new VFX, audio, animations, finishers and variants of the skins, if the selected skin has these upgrades available. These upgrades provide no advantages in-game.


Radianite Points can be obtained from the following:

VP required RP
Valorant Points 1,600 Radianite Points 20
Valorant Points 2,800 Radianite Points 40
Valorant Points 4,800 Radianite Points 80


Radianite Points can be used for the following:

  • Radianite Points 10 per level of upgrade on a weapon skin
  • Radianite Points 15 for each weapon variant after fully upgraded


  • In June 2020, a comment by Riot's Revenue Lead has expressed an interest in eventually allowing Radianite Points to be used to buy buddies and upgrade Player Cards and Sprays in addition to the current weapon skins upgrades.[1]