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Radiants are a select group of gifted individuals who gained hypernatural abilities as a result of the First Light event.


Following a mysterious event that affected the entirety of a near future Earth, known as First Light, select people across the globe start to gain abilities stemming from this massive event. These individuals were dubbed as "Radiants". Each Radiant has an unique set of abilities, both passive and aggressive. Most of the Agents that make up the Valorant Protocol are Radiants Like Phoenix , and others have access to Radiant technology like Breach (exactly his Mechanic Arms)



Radianite from the First Light gave Phoenix the ability to manipulate and control fire, such as his ability to throw down a Molotov-like fire or even form a fire wall with it. He can make a flare orb and blind his enemies with it. His own fire cannot hurt him, he can even heal his wound with the help of it. He probably got his nickname after his ultimate ability, he can reborn after getting killed like the ancient mythological creature: the phoenix. While using this ability Phoenix's body is glowing and it's on fire. A fire/lava puddle appears at the location of the activation. This is the place where he can reborn after a short duration of time.


Radianite From the First Light gave Jett the Ability to Manipulate Wind, for example she can boost herself upwards, instantly dash in any direction on the X or Z axis, throw clouds or lift small objects and shoot them at bullet-speed.


Human or not, Omen is a radiant, and we know the Radianite gave him Abilities to teleport short distances, or long distances. He also appears to have abilities to steal enemies' sight or completely put them on Dark Shadows/Covers. Additionally, it is canon that his main Radiant ability is to come back from the void after death at the cost of being torn apart across time and space, which seems to have given him his ghostly form and teleportation


Radianite from the First Light appears to have given her abilities to control and manipulate a form of crystal Radianite, and to heal and resurrect others from the dead.


Reyna, the vampire agent was given agressive abilities like stealing enemy's sight, take a dead enemy's soul to Quickly Restore health and extra shield or become intangible, or enable an ultimate ability where her weapon skills are boosted (faster reload, weapon switch time and boosted fire rate) and can easily detect enemies as they are highlighted in a bright color. When in her ultimate form, using her Q will allow you to have the potential to heal back to full shields and health. And when you use her E in ultimate form she will become invisible allowing for kill and run situations to be much easier.


As the Australian Eco Warrior, Skye was given the ability to control and assume animals and nature. She can heal in an AOE and in her LOS up to 100, assume the form of a Tasmanian tiger and concuss her enemy, blind enemies 3 times with a brown goshawk and can use her ultimate to locate and nearsight enemies with jellyfish like creatures.


Yoru was granted the ability to travel between dimensions through rifts. His abilities consist of decepting and sneaking through his enemies. Yoru can imitate fake footsteps to catch an enemy off guard, blind his enemies by ricocheting his blind orb, can set a portal either ahead of him or in his last known location so he can teleport to it and his ultimate makes him invisible and invulnerable to the enemies (for 9 seconds). However the enemies will receive a blue Ferro fluid like warning on their screen if Yoru comes into close contact with them.


Astra is the 15th agent in Valorant and is of the controller type. Her abilities are used in a unique way as she has stars that can be used for abilities when in her Astral Form. Her first ability is Gravity Well which pulls players in when activated, much like a black hole. The ability also leaves players that come in contact with it, vulnerable. Her second ability is Nova Pulse which is a concussive ability that charges up and releases when activated. Her last and final ability is Nebula / Dissipate which is a smoke that lasts about 15 seconds and unlike the other abilities it can be recalled by pressing F. Recalling a placed smoke will not cost you a star as it will refund the start you used to place it. Finally, her ult Cosmic Divide, is a big wall that goes across half the map. The wall deflects all team and enemy bullets but allows anyone and anyone's equipment to pass though.

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