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Enough of your technology! The future is Radiant!

— Reyna (Last Kill an enemy Tech)

Radiants are a select group of gifted individuals who gained hypernatural abilities as a result of the First Light event.


Following First Light, a mysterious event that affected the entirety of Earth, select people across the globe started to gain abilities. These individuals were dubbed as "Radiants" and they eventually became an accepted part of society, though some radiants don't feel that way[1].

Radiants make up a relatively small section of the global population, and most of them have only limited levels of power. There are however a rare few with very high potential, most of whom end up as agents of the VALORANT Protocol[1].

Radiant Agents

Astra icon.png Astra

Astra's abilities allow her to harness the energy of the cosmos. She describes herself as "literally" being on a higher plane, allowing her to see the world from a higher perspective and another dimension. She is able to create a variety of celestial bodies from miniature gravity wells, novas, and nebula-like smokes, to humongous walls of cosmic matter.

Jett icon.png Jett

Jett has the ability to manipulate wind and air, such as her abilities to boost herself upwards, instantly dash over large distances, form small clouds, or levitate objects without touching them.

Phoenix icon.png Phoenix

Phoenix is able to manipulate and create fire, such as his ability to throw down an incendiary, form a wall of fire with it, or make a flare orb to blind his enemies with. His own fire cannot hurt him, giving him the ability to heal himself instead. His most powerful ability allows him to be reborn should he be killed. Because of this abilities similarities to an ancient mythological creature called the phoenix, this is likely how Phoenix received his call sign. While using this ability Phoenix's body glows and is surrounded by wisps of flame. Phoenix does not leave a marker where he started to channel this ability unlike in game, but he does respawn around the same area. The amount of time between his 'death' and rebirth varies, sometimes occurring instantly and other times taking much longer.

Omen icon.png Omen

Omen has the ability to teleport over short and long distances, inflict enemies with paranoia, and create dark smokes.

Reyna icon.pngReyna

Reyna is a vampire-like radiant who feeds off the energy of dead souls to invigorate herself. She can also form ethereal entities that blind her enemies and empower herself to become even stronger.

Sage icon.png Sage

Sage's abilities allow her to manipulate crystal orbs and create objects with them. She can deploy orbs to produces large walls or cover areas in crystals that slows anyone who tries to cross that area. Her powers also allow her to restore life, healing others' injuries and even reviving them from the dead

Skye icon.png Skye

Skye's abilities give her a natural affinity to the world around her. She is able to infuse inanimate objects with energy so that they come to life. So far, she has created objects that can scout areas for enemies (with some also being able to blind them), emit healing energies, and directly sense enemies and seek them out.

Yoru icon.png Yoru

Yoru's abilities allow him to harness the energy of another dimension. He can use this to create mobile energies that sound like footsteps, unstable fragments that explode to blind anyone looking at them, and tethers that he can directly teleport to. Yoru also owns a mask that he can use to enter the alternate dimension.