Range is a map in Valorant.


The Range is a practice map where players can test their skills with the parkour trial event, test different abilities on every Agent and try out different types of weapons.


To test your parkour, strafing and bhoping skills in Valorant, the developers created a challenging trial course which you can take part in ending at the top of the tower. You have to make your way jumping on small ledges, strafing in mid-air around corners until to make it to the top of the tower.

Note: To play the parkour trial even you will need to play on the 'Open Range' game mode so that you can freely move around.


  • Hand-prints mean that you have to walk around the corners and foot-prints lead the way you need to go.

On April 4th a Tactical Bear Plushie [1] was datamined, it was undetermined if it was a Gunbuddy or a in-game Spray. Once more people got access to the Beta, it was later found at the end of the parkour trial event in a trophy if you beat it.




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