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This article links to all of the lore elements that have been seen on the Range after they were first added in 3.09.

These have mostly been found within an office found in the basement under the main hall belonging to VALORANT Protocol leader Brimstone icon.png Brimstone, and around the main hall, which itself has a small office belonging to Cypher icon.png Cypher.

Before 3.09, these listed rooms had either been barricaded or walled off.

Episode 3

Article for archived assets: Range/Lore/EP3

Episode 3's events include:

  • VALORANT's investigations into the ruins of Everett-Linde as they attempt to create their own Alpha-Omega teleporter to be able to take the fight to Omega.
  • Recruitment of Chamber into the Protocol and his immediate involvements with the Omega Project.

Episode 4

Article for archived assets: Range/Lore/EP4

Episode 4's events include:

  • VALORANT's continued work to reach Omega.
    • Further progress is made on the teleporter thanks to Neon's recruitment as an agent.
    • After the Protocol resolves its conflict with Fade, the portal becomes fully operational.
    • Identification of Omega Lisbon and Rúben Pontes as subjects of interest.
  • Yoru's continued investigations into S22 and his past.
  • Astra taking temporary leave to deal with consequences of building the cross-world portal.
  • The disruption of the Omega Project during the Protocol's dealings with a blackmailer.
    • VALORANT tracks the blackmailer down and apprehends her in Istanbul. Interrogations then reveal the Protocol isn't responsible for the wrongdoings she is accusing them of.
    • With no more reason to be enemies, VALORANT convinces the blackmailer to join them as an agent.
    • Out-of-universe: Teasers for Fade's release.
  • Viper's status report on her work with Reyna as the two attempt to save Reyna's sister, Lucia.

Current episode: Episode 5

Main article: Range/Lore/EP5


  • Bulletin Board:
    • Spike blueprint removed
    • Pearl added
    • Teleporter that had previously been circled now crossed out
    • Images for three Omega entities added; Force Atlas, Kingdom Industries, and the VALORANT Legion
5.0 Bulletin Board

Brimstone's Office

  • Phone: A new voicemail left to Brimstone from Neon icon.png Neon.

"Hey, thanks for visiting me earlier. I'm fine, don't worry. My suit had it worse, totally fried. Killjoy's working on repairs but, I have to wait in a containment room that can soak up my extra volts. Kinda boring. If...if the lights flicker around the base...sorry!

Uh, anyway, as soon as the suit's ready, send me out. I want payback!"

Reyna Email ID.png

How did we not know any of this? The soldiers. That garden. And now this crisis of conscience? No, unacceptable. But let's start here: moving forward, Neon also trains with me. Limiting emotion does not work, she must use it. If Sage won't teach her that, I will.

Your radianite is stockpiled with our new friends. I suggest you find out who they are.