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PLACE two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be REDEPLOYED.
— In-game description

Rendezvous is a signature ability for Chamber.


Rendezvous is a Mobility ability that Chamber must equip before casting. Once equipped, his crosshair will be replaced with an indicator for placing an anchor. This will turn blue if it is placed on a viable position to be cast in, and will turn red for unviable positions. Upon casting, the anchor will briefly deploy at the location where it will remain indefinitely and stay visible to all agents. Enemies can destroy the trap by dealing any damage to it. Enemies can destroy anchors but they have their own health amount and must take enough damage for this to be depleted for them to be destroyed. The anchors are able to be recalled from a large distance away through terrain but will go on a short cooldown before they can be redeployed. If a cooldown is already in effect, the cooldown will not be reset by an anchor being recalled or destroyed.

In order to utilize the anchors, two of them must be placed within range of each other. There is then a separate proximity distance that Chamber needs to be within from an anchor to use Rendezvous. He must also be standing on the ground and cannot be too far above the anchor's altitude level. When Chamber has placed two anchors and is within proximity of one such that he is able to use them, Chamber's screen will receive a golden outline. For all other players, they will see Chamber's jacket turn golden instead. These effects will disappear if Rendezvous is on cooldown.

Upon casting in range of an anchor, Chamber will instantly teleport to the other anchor, giving off an audio cue at both his previous and current location that can be heard by all players.


Note: Values that are not marked as confirmed (i.e. values not provided explicitly in game or from patch notes) are only estimates. Whilst they may not be the true value, they have been tested so that they should be very accurate. Hover over check marks to see sources for confirmed values.

Stat Value Confirmed
CustomReload.png Equip time 0.8 seconds Check Mark.png
Orbital Strike.png Max cast distance 8.5 meters Check Mark.png
Tailwind.png Max distance between anchors 37.5 meters Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Unequip times First anchor: 0.6 seconds
Second anchor: 1.1 seconds
Check Mark.png
Orbital Strike.png Anchor radius 10 meters
Health.png Health 80 HP Check Mark.png
Duration.png Teleport duration Total duration: 1.3 seconds
0.1 second windup
1.2 seconds arriving at location
Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Recall time 0.7 seconds Check Mark.png
Tailwind.png Max recall distance 60 meters Check Mark.png

Update History

  • Bugfix Buff Voice lines relating to Rendezvous will now be heard globally by allies


  • Buff Improved the system used to place Rendezvous at targeted ground locations
  • Bugfix Buff Fixed a bug where Rendezvous would sometimes fail when cast immediately after firing the last bullet of Headhunter.png Headhunter