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Replication is a Bo9 game mode in Valorant where all players on a team play as the same agent.


Replication[1] is a best-of-nine spike (Plant/Defuse) mode with 80 second rounds. In agent select, players vote for an agent they want to play. The game then randomly selects one of the choices and all players on that team are given that agent. All players are given the same agent regardless of whether they own them or not, but a player cannot cast a vote for an agent they haven't unlocked.

Every round, Signature and Basic abilities are refreshed, players gain an additional ultimate point (except for Overtime rounds), and weapons and shields are reset. All players are given a set amount of credits each round that increases as the half progresses, regardless of whether they won or lost the previous round:

Round in the half Credits
1 900
2 2400
3 3900
4 6000

Players get 6000 credits in Overtime.

Replication contains an anti-flash buff called FLASHGUARD. If a player is flashed twice within a 4 second window, they are granted FLASHGUARD for 5 seconds, during which time they cannot be blinded.

Replication rounds give the same amount of XP as Unrated games, with 100 XP per round played plus 200 XP for every won round. Daily and weekly missions can also be completed in Replication, though this depends on the mission objective (e.g. a mission that requires you to purchase abilities cannot be completed in Replication as the game automatically refreshes them to full each round).


  • Replication is similar to League of Legends' One for All game mode
  • Replication is the first and currently only matchmade queue to make use of Sage's resurrection voiceline
    • "So that's what it feels like."

Update History

v2.09 - Added
  • Game mode available until May 25th, 2021