Riot Games, Inc. is an American video game developer and esports tournament organizer based in West Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in September 2006 by University of Southern California roommates Brandon Beck and Mark Merrill, as they sought to create a company that continuously improves on an already released game, instead of commencing development on a new one. Riot Games was majority-acquired by Tencent in February 2011 and fully acquired in December 2015. As of May 2018, Riot Games operates 24 offices around the world, in which it employs 2,500 staff members.

Riot Games is best known for League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game and the company's flagship product. Valorant is the second intellectual property developed by Riot, released in Summer 2020.


Riot Games Story

"We launched Riot Games in 2006 to develop, publish, and support games made by players, for players. In 2009, we released our debut title, League of Legends. League has gone on to be the most-played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports. Players are the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve the League experience both in and out of game. Founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, and currently under the leadership of CEO Nicolo Laurent, we're headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and have 2,500+ Rioters in 20+ offices worldwide."[1]
Riot Games Values
  • Player Experience First:
    • We believe our laser focus on players inspires the most meaningful and lasting game experiences.
    • We put players at the center of everything we do. We share a love of games and prioritize play as an important part of our lives.
    • We deepen our empathy and understanding by listening, learning and engaging with players around the world.
  • Dare to Dream:
    • We believe the courage to chase bold ideas will make impossible drams come true for players.
    • We make bold, focused bets aimed at advancing the gaming landscape.
    • We seek unique perspectives, create room for experimentation, and anticipate failure as part of the journey.
    • We work from best practices, value expertise and innovative when there is a better way.
  • Thrive Together:
    • We believe we are stronger when we respect each other, invest in each other, and succeed as one team.
    • We approach every interaction with empathy, sincerity, and respect.
    • We cultivate inclusive teams to amplify each Rioter's strengths.
    • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and together we embrace the joy of making games.
  • Execute With Excellence:
    • We believe operational excellence will unlock us to deliver better experiences for the long run.
    • We set ambitious goals, measure ourselves against results, and continually iterate towards improvement.
    • We collaborate across teams to deliver holistic experiences to players and Rioters.
    • We focus where it matters, prioritize efficiency, and spend player resources as our own.
  • Stay Hungry; Stay Humble:
    • We believe there is always more to learn from each other, from players, and from the world.
    • We approach each problem with optimism, ambition, and curiosity.
    • We celebrate our wins, learn from our failures, and challenge ourselves to evolve.
    • We recognize our teams, our families, our industry peers, and our players who make this all possible.

Company Offices

Riot Games HQ is based in West LA (12333 W Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 (424) 231-1111, United States), previous HQ was in Santa Monica (CA 90404, United States) close to their new location.

The Current Offices are in:

  1. Barcelona, Spain (Kingdom of Spain).
  2. Berlin, Germany (Federal Republic of Germany).
  3. Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).
  4. Dublin, Ireland (Republic of Ireland).
  5. Hong Kong, China (People's Republic of China).
  6. Istanbul, Turkey (Republic of Turkey).
  7. London, UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).
  8. Los Angeles, USA (United States of America).
  9. Mexico City, Mexico (United Mexican States).
  10. Moscow, Russia (Russian Federation).
  11. New Delhi, India (Republic of India).
  12. Paris, France (French Republic).
  13. SF Bay Area, USA (United States of America).
  14. Saint Louis, USA (United States of America).
  15. Santiago, Chile (Republic of Chile).
  16. São Paulo, Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil).
  17. Seoul, Korea (Republic of Korea).
  18. Shanghai, China (People's Republic of China).
  19. Singapore (Republic of Singapore).
  20. Sidney, Australia (Commonwealth of Australia).
  21. Tokyo, Japan (State of Japan).
  22. Other locations.

Engineering Tech Blog

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Riot Games has an engineering tech blog focused on in-depth articles on recent projects, ranging from how features are designed to building online services.

Several articles are:



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