The SAR-6 Sheriff is a sidearm that is a secondary weapon in Valorant.


The Sheriff is the most expensive sidearm in the game, costing 800 Credits. It comes with a small magazine and a high damage, as well as a high recoil. It is semi-automatic.

The sidearm is extremely useful for economy and pistol rounds, due to its relatively cheap cost and high damage per bullet, rivaling that of most rifles. It is 4 shots to the legs, 3 to the body and 1 to the head at 0-30 meters (2 to the head at 30-50 meters).

The main disadvantage of the Sheriff is in its long pullout time and high recoil. It has the most recoil out of any pistols, and it takes quite a bit of time for that recoil to fade.

Cosmetic Items




  • The Sheriff's design and operation seems to be that of a conventional, high-caliber revolver, with a prominent barrel shroud and 6 o'clock rail section.
  • The Sherrif's design is based on two revolvers. The pistol grip, trigger guard, frame and hexagonal cylinder are based on the Chiappa Rhino, while the barrel shroud and front sight are based on the Taurus Raging Hunter.
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