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Shields (also known as armor) are items that protect Agents from incoming damage.


During Buy phases of rounds, Agents are able to purchase a Shield item. These items increase the agent's effective health, absorbing 66% of incoming damage. There are two types of shields that can be bought, though only one can be equipped at a time:

  • Light Shields cost 400 credits and absorb up to 25 damage
  • Heavy Shields cost 1000 credits and absorb up to 50 damage

Agents carry over any remaining shielding they have from prior rounds. They can still repurchase shields with higher values but this will only replace and replenish the shield, it will not add on to the carried-over shields. If an agent buys shields in this case but then decides to sell them, their shield value will return to their previous status that they started the buy phase with.

Shields also have the following effects:

  • They do not absorb fall damage
  • They will not be replenished by heals
  • They are affected by Toxin

Update History

  • Armor carried over from prior rounds is no longer destroyed when new armor is purchased, allowing you to sell newly purchased armor and return to your previous armor status (instead of having no armor).