The DBS-20 Shorty is a Sidearm in Valorant.


The Shorty is the cheapest purchasable weapon in the game. It costs 200 credits and is a semi-automatic, sawed-off shotgun.

This weapon is particularly useful for players who want to save credits. It excels in short-range combat and ambush maneuvers, especially in tight corridors and chokepoints.

The Shorty, unlike the Judge, is largely ineffective at medium to long ranges due to the significant damage falloff and pellet spread the weapon experiences.

Due to the Shorty's small clip size, it excels at quick, one-on-one exchanges, but struggles in more sustained firefights against multiple enemies due to the frequent need to reload.

Minimum Kill Time

Per Fire

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time
100 - 150 Health Instantaneous

Per Pellet

Minimum Kill Time

Effective Health Minimum Kill Time Minimum Kill Time (Including reloads)
100 Health 1.2 seconds 4.2 seconds
125 Health 1.5 seconds 6 seconds
150 Health 1.8 seconds 7.05 seconds

Damage Traits

Average damage drop-off: 76% (Very high)

Head to leg damage ratio: 240% (Very low)

Cosmetic Items

Shorty's Skins

Update History

v1.07 Patch
  • Shorty Nerf
    • 1st falloff range reduced from 9m >>> 7m
    • Updated headshot multiplier from 3x >>> 2x (now the same as Judge and Bucky)
    • Our goal here is to make Shorty users work a little harder for the kills they get by requiring them to be a tad closer to their target.


  • The Shorty's design seems to be based on a Sawed-Off variant of the the Stevens 311.
  • Even though the in-game weapons statistics state that the Shorty shoots 12 pellets per shot, it actually shoots 15 pellets.
  • The Shorty bears a striking resemblance to the Super Shotgun from the Doom game franchise.
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