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Surprise your enemy up close for max effectiveness.

The Shorty is a Sidearm in VALORANT.


A nimble, short barrel shotgun that is deadly at close range but can only fire twice before needing to reload. Pairs well with long range weapons.

The Shorty is the cheapest purchasable weapon in the game. As a sidearm equivalent of a shotgun, it is most effective at short range to instantly take an enemy by surprise. With good damage and functionality despite its low price tag, it can even be used to catch out a fully-bought enemy in eco rounds, allowing the player to gain a powerful weapon upgrade for very little investment.

As happens with all shotguns due to their pellet spread though, the Shorty is effectively useless at long ranges, as well having the range of its pellets capped and unable to reach any opponent beyond 50 meters. The Shorty especially also has limited use due to its high pellet spread at medium range and only being able to hold 2 shells at a time, meaning it cannot effectively be used in sustained firefights against multiple enemies.


  • Headshot multiplier: x2
  • Leg shot multiplier: x0.85
  • 7–15 m falloff multiplier: x0.667 (2/3)
  • 15+ m falloff multiplier: x0.25
Damage Range Body Part 100 HP 125 HP 150 HP
Shells to kill Time to kill (s) Shells to kill Time to kill (s) Shells to kill Time to kill (s)
0–7 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Legs 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
7–15 m Head 1 0.000 1 0.000 1 0.000
Body 1 0.000 2 0.300 2 0.300
Legs 2 0.300 2 0.300 2 0.300
15–50 m Head 2 0.300 2 0.300 2 0.300
Body 3 2.350 3 2.350 4 2.650
Legs 4 2.650 5 4.700 5 4.700

Update History

  • Buff Price decreased 200 >>> 150


  • Nerf Headshot aimpunch decreased
  • Nerf Hitting an enemy past 10 meters will apply a different tagging value instead of standard tagging
    • New tagging: 30% slow for .5s on a smooth curve going back to normal speed
  • Nerf 1st falloff range reduced 9m >>> 7m
  • Nerf Updated headshot multiplier from 3x >>> 2x (now the same as Judge and Bucky)


  • Nerf Spread penalty when in air increased .5 >>> 1.25


Image Edition Collection Source Cost/Unlock Upgrades Variants
Aerosol Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Aerosol EP. 02 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 15 -
Doodle Buds Shorty.png Premium-edition-icon.png Doodle Buds Store Valorant Points1775 Kill Effect Tactifriends
League of Legends
Genesis Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Genesis EP. 03 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 16 -
Hivemind Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Hivemind EP. 01 Act 2 Battle Pass Tier 50 (Free Track)
Hue Shift Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Hue Shift EP. 04 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 01
Karabasan Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Karabasan Contract: Fade icon.png Fade Tier 10
Monarch Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Monarch EP. 03 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 10
Neptune Shorty.png Premium-edition-icon.png Neptune Store Valorant Points1775 Fish Animation
Kill Banner
Oni Shorty.png Premium-edition-icon.png Oni Store Valorant Points1775 VFX
Prelude to Chaos Shorty.png Exclusive-edition-icon.png Prelude to Chaos Store Valorant Points2175 VFX
Prism II Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Prism II Store Valorant Points875 -
Ruin Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Ruin EP. 01 Act 3 Battle Pass Tier 20
Snakebite Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Snakebite Contract: Viper icon.png Viper Tier 10
Tigris Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Tigris Store Valorant Points1275
Velocity Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Velocity EP. 04 Act 1 Battle Pass Tier 50 (Free Track) - Yellow
Wasteland Shorty.png Deluxe-edition-icon.png Wasteland Store Valorant Points1275 -
Wayfinder Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Wayfinder Prime Gaming -
Wunderkind Shorty.png Select-edition-icon.png Wunderkind Contract: Killjoy icon.png Killjoy Tier 10 -


  • During the Beta, the weapon's full name was the DBS-20 Shorty (Double Barrelled Shotgun).
  • The Shorty is likely named after it's short-barrel design.
  • The Shorty's design has similarities to a Sawed-Off variant of the the Stevens 311.
  • The Shorty bears a striking resemblance to the Super Shotgun from the Doom game franchise.