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EQUIP a chemical launcher. FIRE to launch a canister that shatters upon hitting the floor, creating a lingering chemical zone that damages and applies Vulnerable.
— In-game description

Snake Bite is a basic ability for Viper.


Snake Bite is a Deterrent ability that Viper must equip before casting. Upon casting she will throw a canister that detonates as soon as it comes into contact with horizontal terrain. Upon detonation, the canister will create a damaging zone that quickly spreads out from the point of detonation in a circular area of effect. Agents who come into contact with the zone will become Vulnerable and begin to take damage as soon as the zone spreads to an area they are standing on. The zone will always deal damage to agents at the same rate, but agents will take more total damage over the ability's full duration if they were at the center of the zone on detonation compared to a player who was closer to the edge of the zone on detonation. Once the zone reaches its maximum radius, it will continue applying Vulnerable and damaging any player it touches until it expires, at which point the whole zone will instantly dissipate.

Vulnerable doubles any incoming damage agents takes and this includes the damage taken from Snake Bite. The debuff will continue to remain on an agent for a short duration after they exit the area of effect or after it dissipates.


Note: Values that are not marked as confirmed (i.e. values not provided explicitly in game or from patch notes) are only estimates. Whilst they may not be the true value, they have been tested so that they should be very accurate. Hover over check marks to see sources for confirmed values.

Stat Value Confirmed
CustomReload.png Equip time 0.8 seconds Check Mark.png
CustomReload.png Unequip time 0.7 seconds Check Mark.png
Orbital Strike.png Radius 4.5 meters Check Mark.png
Damage.png Damage 1 per tick
Total 63-67
Incendiary.png Ticks/Tick rate 12.5 per second
1 every 0.08 seconds
Check Mark.png
Total 63-67 ticks
Duration.png Duration 5.5 seconds Check Mark.png
Debuff.png Vulnerable duration 2 seconds Check Mark.png

Update History

  • Nerf Duration decreased 6.5 >>> 5.5


  • Nerf Duration reduced 8 >>> 6.5
  • Nerf Cost increased 100 >>> 200
  • Buff Outer edges form faster to ensure it is lethal if an enemy sits in the entire duration


  • Buff Equip time decreased 1.1 >>> .8


  • Buff Vulnerable debuff now lingers for 2 seconds after leaving Snake Bite


  • Buff Applies Vulnerable to enemies for a short time
    • Total damage taken from Snake Bite is unchanged


  • Buff Radius increased 350 >>> 450
  • Buff Height required to jump out of Snake Bite increased 80 >> 120
  • Buff Damage tick speed increased (total damage per second unchanged)