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Snowball Fight is a TDM game mode in Valorant.


Snowball Fight is a 5v5 team deathmatch-style mode where the first team to 50 kills wins. All players load into game with an agent of their choice and only have access to a Snowball Launcher. This weapon fires projectile-based snowballs that have a travel time and an arc. The Snowball Launcher has infinite ammo but can only fire one snowball at a time with a small reload in between shots. Snowballs deal 150 damage upon coming into contact with an enemy player.

During the match, portals and 'Gift Rifts' appear to drop gifts on the ground that could be shot to reveal an orb. These orbs can be picked up by players to give them one of four temporary power ups:

Icon Power Up Description
TX SnowballFight Pickup Large.png Growball Snowballs grows over time while traveling in the air
TX SnowballFight Pickup Rapid.png Rapid Fire Infinite magazine, increased rate of fire to 1.667 rounds per second
TX SnowballFight Pickup Bounce.png Ricochet Snowballs can bounce off of the ground and walls
TX SnowballFight Pickup Skates.png Skates Increased movement speed and max jump height

Upon being killed, players drop any power ups on the ground for other players to shoot and obtain

Snowball Fight grants 750 XP for each game completed, and 150 bonus XP for the winning team, but cannot be used to progress missions.


  • Players who completed a game of Snowball Fight during the mode's first appearance in 1.14 received the Snow Bro gunbuddy

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