The SMG-9 Spectre is an SMG that is a primary weapon in Valorant.


The Spectre is a moderately-priced submachine gun that occupies its wielder's primary weapon slot. It is outfitted with a silencer that reduces the range of the weapon's audio profile. In comparison to the Stinger, it is substantially more accurate, kicks considerably less, possesses slightly more cover piercing capability, and has a higher magazine capacity (30 as opposed to 20). However, its slightly lower per-shot damage and lessened fire rate render its total output statistically lower.

The weapon is a useful force buy if your team is strapped for cash, and is markedly effective at close ranges, especially on unarmoured targets. Its quietened firing sound can also come in handy for ambushing enemies, as less alert players may not have their attention drawn by your shots. However, as players acquire higher-damage rifles, it loses its effectiveness later in the game, where its role is better filled by the Phantom assault rifle, which, like the Spectre, is suppressed, and, differently, has the potential to kill an enemy in a single headshot (granted that the target lacks sufficient armor points), and has a much greater effective range with better penetration capability.

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  • The Spectre's general design seems to be based on that of the SIG MPX, with the aperture Diopter rear sight, front sight and cocking tube above the handguard from the H&K MP5 and handguard fore-end based on the H&K G36C.
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