The Spike is an objective equipment used in Game Modes where Defenders have to Defuse it while Spike Attackers' objective is to plant and allow the spike to detonate.


At the start of a round, the spike is dropped in front of the Attackers and can be run over to collect. The team will see an icon appear below the carrier's portrait, and both teams will be notified if the spike carrier is killed. The spike is carried like a weapon; the carrier can drop the spike, and it can be collected only by other Attackers. A dropped spike is visible on the minimap to Attackers, and to Defenders while they have sight of it.


The Spike can be planted in a designated site, Defenders will be notified that the spike is planted. Planting takes 4 seconds, and can be canceled. The carrier is rooted during planting.


Defenders can defuse the spike, being rooted while making a distinct sound. Defusal takes a total of 7 seconds, and can be canceled. The defusal has a half-way checkpoint which subsequent defusals can begin.


The Spike has a 45 second detonation timer, noted by a beeping alarm that quickens as the timer runs. The Spike then explodes in a large radius, killing nearby players.


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