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Spike Rush is a game mode in Valorant.

It rewards 1,000 exp per match, typically taking 10–15 minutes.


Spike Rush is a faster-paced game mode. Pre-round time is reduced to 20 seconds (usually 30) and game time is reduced to 80 seconds (usually 100). While the attackers have less time to plant, they also have the advantage of each player having a spike. The game ends when one team reaches 4 round wins, teams switch sides after 3 rounds.


All players are given the same loadout and all abilities are automatically available, except Ultimates. The Weapons and Shields given each round can be seen below.

Orbs that provide buffs and inflict debuffs spawn at various locations on the map, their specific effects are detailed on the Orbs page. Orbs are hidden from the map until a few seconds before the barrier drops.

The number of ultimate points gained from both kills and deaths is increased from ♦ 1 to ♦♦ 2 each, allowing players to more easily earn enough to use their Ultimate in the short, 3-round halves. In the Overtime round, all players automatically start with some of their ult points, so that they are ♦♦♦ 3 short of being able to use their ult, just like in Competitive Overtime.


Players on both teams are all given the same weapon each round. Weapons are randomly chosen from a certain set depending on the round number, with higher-value weapons being used as the half progresses. The amount of Shields given also increases with every round.

Round Weapons Shields
1st Any Sidearm:


None (0)
2nd Any Primary weapon costing Creds 2700 or less:


Light (25)
Heavy (50; only for Guardian)


Any Primary weapon costing Creds 2700 or more:


Heavy (50)

The Golden Gun is available in Spike Rush from a Golden Gun Orb (see below) or by killing an enemy holding the Golden Gun. The Golden Gun replaces any Sidearm the player currently has, if any.

The Weapon Upgrade Orb (see below) gives the player a weapon that would normally only be available on the next round. On round 3 or in overtime, the Weapon Upgrade Orb gives an Operator or Odin, unless the current weapon is an Operator, in which case a random Sidearm will be chosen. The new weapon replaces the weapon the player has in that category (Primary or Sidearm), if any.


Icon Power Up Description
UI Icons Modes SpeedBoost NoFrame.png Combat Stim Deploys a beacon around the capture point that grants Combat Stim with additional effects to increase movement speed, equip speed, and reload speed
UI Icons Modes Plagues NoFrame.png Crippling Decay After a 2.5 second delay, applies a fixed 50 Health Decay to all enemies for 8 seconds
UI Icons Modes DamageAmp NoFrame.png Damage Amp Increases the agent's damage by 30% for the rest of the round
UI Icons Modes GoldenGun.png Golden Gun Equips agent with a Golden Gun
UI Icons Modes HealthRegen.png Health Regen All allied agents heal for 10 health per second for 20 seconds whilst out of combat
UI Icons Modes Deception.png Paranoia After a brief delay, all enemy agents have reduced vision and hear decoy audio for 10 seconds
Tracerrounds.png Tracer Rounds All allied agents augment their gunfire to have increased penetration and breifly reveal any enemies hit for the rest of the round
Twinhunters.png Twin Hunters Summons two hunting wolves to chase down the two nearest enemies, slowing and nearsighting them if caught
Enemies can shoot the wolves to destroy them
UI Icons Modes FullUltimate NoFrame.png Utimate Ability Fully charges the agent's ultimate ability
UI Icons Modes WeaponUpgrade NoFrame.png Weapon Upgrade Equips the agent with a more expensive weapon than they one they currently hold
If the weapon of choice this round is an Operator, this orb will instead give an additional sidearm for the agent to hold.


  • If you are low and health and you don't want to risk enemies taking your Golden Gun, you could dispose it somewhere out of map bounds or give it to a nearby teammate.
  • Despite an Ultimate Orb being present in the gamemode, every orb you take will give you an ultimate point, so it's better for agents without their ultimate ready to take the orbs.

Update History



  • Bugfix Buff Fixed a bug where picking up the weapon upgrade orb with the Operator equipped would cause you to lose your Operator and receive nothing to replace it
    • Now, you will keep your Operator, and will be granted a random secondary slot weapon.


  • Bugfix Buff Astra now starts Spike Rush games with all 5 Astral Form.png star charges


  • Added New Orb: Twin Hunters
    • Capturing the orb releases two hunting wolves to track down the two nearest enemies (from orb location, they will not change targets after spawning).
    • Wolves speed up when they spot an enemy and dash at them when close, slowing and near-sighting for 4 seconds upon impact.
    • Wolves have 100 HP and can be damaged
    • Wolves will time out at 15 seconds, or when their target is killed
  • Split: Orb Location
    • Adjustment Mid defender side orb has been moved onto mid platform to make it slightly less defender favored


  • Added New Orb Type - Tracer Orb
    • Team-wide buff that grants 2x wall penetration and reveals enemies for .75s when they are hit
    • Duration: Entire round
  • Buff Speed Boost changed to Combat Stim
    • Movement speed and durations unchanged
    • Reload time decreased by 30%
    • Weapon draw time decreased by 30%
    • Spread recovery time decreased by 30%
    • Rate of Fire increased by 30%
    • Jump force increased by 25%
  • Nerf Plague Orb now shares a pool with Paranoia Orb
    • Only one of these will be chosen per game
    • Only one Plague Orb can spawn per round
    • Health reduction decreased from 90 to 50
  • Nerf Deception Orb now shares a pool with Plague Orb
    • Only one of these will be chosen per game
    • Only one Deception Orb can spawn per round
    • Duration decreased from 10s to 8s (now matches Plague Orb)
    • Tunnel vision decreased by 20% (meaning you see more on your screen)


  • Adjustment Each game of Spike Rush now features a set of 5 randomly selected orbs
    • The Full Ultimate orb will always be available
    • 4 of the remaining 8 orb types will be chosen at random
    • Chosen orb types will be shown in a description widget both in character select and during pre-round
  • Added New pre-round HUD element that shows the weapon & potential orb types for the current round.
  • Buff Players now get 1 ultimate point for collecting any orb.

Added New Orb Types

  • Health Orb - Grants teamwide health regen (instant)
    • 20 second duration
    • 12 HP per second (3HP per tick)
    • SFX/VFX only play while actually healing
  • Deception Orb - Applies “Paranoia” to the enemy team 3 seconds after capture
    • 10 second debuff
    • Vision is greatly reduced (and a small Field of Vision shift)
    • Fake footsteps and gunfire play for affected players
    • Minimap is disabled
  • Golden Gun - Grants capturing player a Golden Gun
    • One-shot, one-kill
    • Perfectly accurate at all times
    • Agent moves at knife speed
    • Only has a single bullet in chamber and 2 backup rounds
    • Kills grant an additional round


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