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If you want to go far, you’ll have to go up. A pair of sites split by an elevated center allows for rapid movement using two rope ascenders. Each site is built with a looming tower vital for control. Remember to watch above before it all blows sky-high
— Official description

Split is a map in VALORANT and one of the first available since the Closed Beta.


Split is the first map to use ascenders. There are three sets on the map:

  • Two that allow players to get up from Sewer to A Lobby
  • One that allows players to get up from B Hell to B Tower
  • Four that allow players to navigate through Vents



Player Cards
Image Name Source
Rank Up! Masters Tokyo 2023 Card Large Rank Up! // Masters Tokyo 2023 Broadcast Drops
Image Name Source
Split Decision Buddy Split Decision Battle Pass:
EP 01 Act 2


  This neighborhood used to be so much better without this Kingdom shit.
Yoru icon Yoru, Match Start on Split

Within the Shinjuku district of Japan's capital, Tokyo, a split has emerged between two groups. On one side, Kingdom Corporation continues its developments in the area, building plazas alongside its offices and shops there, and all overlooked by its humongous HQ situated further north, towering into the city skyline. On the other side, local residents not only push back against the corporation's expansion into their home and removal of their cultural property, but seek to take it back from them.

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Announcements can be heard at the train station behind A Site.

Update History[]

  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed an exploit that allowed Agents to stand on a sign on A Site.


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed a bug where you could stand on a vent in B Garage.

v6.0 - Adjustment

  • A Main - Added a small ledge and widened the area for attackers.
  • A Main Box - Boost box reduced.
  • A Rafters - Under-over area removed.
  • A Tower - Back section of Tower flattened and changed position of stairs.
  • Mid Bottom - Adds a small platform that allows players to silently drop down
  • B Tower - Simplified the jump up box.
  • B Rope Pocket - Smoothed out the hard corner to make clearing the spot easier.


  • Bugfix Nerf Fixed a bug where attackers at A Lobby could hear gunshots from A Ramps during the buy phase

v2.01 - Adjustment

  • Increased the width of the B Main doorway
    • This should make the space easier to navigate for attackers, and make it more difficult for defenders to stall Attackers
    • There is a crate for attackers to utilize on the other side of the doorways as cover, which allows for utility to be thrown into the site from a new angle
  • Added an additional trash pile on B Site to prevent defenders from hiding in too deep a nook outside B Main doorway
  • Increased Spike plant zone boundary on B Site
  • New material stack for cover in B Site that allows you to isolate angles more effectively and breaks up a vertical 50/50 angle when peeking into the site from B Main
  • Reduced depth of a corner in Alley to allow pushing into defender spawn from B Site with more safety
  • Removed the cubby in Alley to allow pushing through this area more safely
  • Increased the width of the Vent Room entrance
  • Added a sloped wall in the Vent Room, which removes a 50/50 check when entering Vents from Mid
  • Removed a section of wall in the Ramen/Scuttle Crab (B Link) area to make it more open and allow you to push through and clear without having to rely as heavily on utility
  • Reduce depth of cubby in Sewer to allow pushing through this space more safely
  • Increased the width of the doorway to A Tower
  • Removed parts of the wall in A Tower to reduced safety of defenders
  • Adjusted angle of sloped wall on A Site to allow the back corner to be cleared slightly earlier from attackers
    • This angle is still safe from A Tower, however you can now successfully clear this spot by stepping out onto the Rafters without having to drop down towards site
  • Increased wall depth near Screens, which allows you to move out of Screens more safely without the use of utility


  • Adjustment Ascender acceleration adjusted to prevent sudden shifts in direction
    • This was only documented in v1.10 due to the change also mentioning ziplines, which didn't exist until Icebox's addition later on in 1.10
  • Adjustment Added weapon tagging when shot while on Ascenders


  • Adjustment Adjusted Defender Spawn to allow clearing angles to be a bit more straightforward


  • Adjustment Restructured mid chokepoint
    • These changes open up the space quite a bit and provides an additional path to get around stalling abilities on the stairs. It also gives Attackers a few different angles to help siege B Tower and Vents.
  • Adjustment Completed draw call optimizations
  • Bugfix Nerf Expanded our new system that combats map exploits to all other maps—this will eradicate anyone trying to escape the playspace
  • Bugfix Nerf Continued to block spots for Cypher's Spycam Spycam that prevented counter-play
  • Bugfix Continued to fix level collision in order to enhance the smoothness of the gameplay space


  • Adjustment Barrier locations (those clear blue walls) have been adjusted across the map to provide attackers more of a foothold into territory control across the map.
    • Defender barrier in B Mid has been pulled back. New barriers are in the entrance to Vent and atop the staircase in B Tower.
    • Defender barrier has been pulled back at A Ramps.
    • Attacker barrier has been pushed forward at A Main.
    • Attacker barrier has been pushed forward slightly at B Main.
  • Adjustment Angled the wall on the left interior of B Tower when pushing up the stairs from Mid
    • This removes a 50/50 angle check when pushing into this space, which should make it more approachable for you to try and gain control of B Tower.
  • Adjustment Radianite crate in B has been changed to a metal crate to provide more cover when planting the Spike.
  • Buff Revised art to improve performance throughout the map.
  • Buff Added ability for Spike to automatically fall from elevated boost positions
  • Nerf Backside of spawn barriers are now opaque to prevent some abuse cases
  • Bugfix Nerf Added fixes for Cypher Spycam Spycam exploits
  • Bugfix Fixed multiple spots where Sova's Recon Bolt Recon Bolt could over-penetrate map geometry


  • Bugfix Multiple fixes to geometry to fix exploits and help optimize gameplay


  • Adjustment Orb moved from B Mid to B Main
  • Bugfix Nerf Several exploits fixed